Get Access To TruLive Wagering—1 Month Free With

There's big news in the sportsbook industry. The industry-leading sportsbook management platform has now rebranded their premium live wagering options to TruLive Wagering.

But, why rebrand their premium live wagering?

PayPerHead's TruLive Wagering isn't your average live wagering offered by other sportsbook software. It isn't hosted on a third party platform, which means no lagging, no lost bets, and no last minute changes.

With access to 1000's of games in over 80 leagues, PayPerHead offers the largest betting selection in the industry.

Let's face it, online bookies need to be able to offer everything the big guys do, it's a saturated industry and if your sportsbook doesn't stand out, your players will go somewhere else. Live wagering can double, even triple your sportsbook income. We're so confident that TruLive Wagering will increase your sportsbook profits that we're giving new agents 1-month FREE access, all you have to do is sign up for the current $3 per head deal.

Take your sportsbook to the next level with the industry-leading sportsbook management platform and offer the very best live wagering options with TruLive wager, free for one month.