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A popular swimming and fishing spot is eroded away Emu Point was once the jewel in Albany's crown - one of the state's best holiday spots and one of the most picturesque sites in a city and region renowned for its natural beauty.

It's a place locals describe as the perfect mix of a narrow harbour with deep waters ideal for fishing, and pristine beaches which attracted tourists.

Ken Drummond, the president of community group Friends of Emu Point, says he spent a lot of time there growing up.

"We'd Golden Goose Sale spend hours fishing at the jetty, jet-skiing, snorkelling, doing swimming lessons and there'd always be a lot of windsurfers there, it was great," he said.

However, the beach is now a shadow of what it once was due to erosion.

Locals are united in their desire to get it back to its previous state, or at least as close as possible to that.

Working out Golden Goose Sneakers how to do that is another story.

A new report, the fifth in 20 years, is offering options about how to restore the point with costs that range from $100,000 up to $27 million. Long term problemErosion at Emu Point has been an issue for more than a century with, at one point, houses were lost to the sea in the early 1900s.

It became a significant problem again after a Golden Goose Sneakers Sale 1984 storm washed away the point.

Several houses were demolished to prevent them being washed away.

That prompted the installation of a rock wall, against the wishes of many locals who said if the problem was left alone nature would resolve it.

Other defence structures, including a training wall, a detached breakwater, a rock revetment and a geotextile sand container revetment, were installed over the years.

A consultant engineers' report, commissioned by the City of Albany, says those strategies had varying degress of success but have mostly just dispaced erosion.