Handicapping Dogs


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I believe this will be my first attempt to flat out cap dogs (ML).... Ive tried and played plenty of systems involving dogs but never capped from only the dog side..

Im going to play these dogs for only $100, which is 1/5 of what i wager on my Totals...... Im also not going to play anything less than a (+1.20).... Ill have a few more plays than i do with Totals....

Lets just see what happens....... I may stop if i lose a couple of dimes.... maybe before then.....

ML Dogs

1. cubs (+1.30)
2. dodgers (+1.35)
3. nationals (+1.50)
4. pirates (+1.30)
5. tigers (+1.20)
6. royals (+1.40)

all for one unit only ($100) for this........ Listed pitchers....... If this is successful, ill do it in all sports.... If this is a failure then ill stop..... This has no effect on my "Totals" capping...

best of luck to all.....


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Re: Handicapping Dogs

probably a lot like him but hopefully i can run off a hundred or so plays in this thread and not lose too much........ At times, im a pretty good capper.... In the past when ive played alot of Dogs, its been in some system.. This has nothing to do with any system, merely trying to show a profit and make some money here.......


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Re: Handicapping Dogs

no problem, looks like a (3-3) night and .500 is where i want to be.......

DOGS: 3-3 (+1.00 units) (50%)

plays for wednesday aug 22

7. oakland (+1.70)
8. Texas (+1.35) game 1 of DH

will add the night games later, wanted to post these as i won't be around again until the afternoon and these are day games....... ill also be playing texas in game 2 of DH, if they lose this first one. thinking maybe they dont get swept....

simply playing these for $100 and hoping to hit half of them or close to it, playing nothing smaller than (+1.20)..

back later......


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Re: Handicapping Dogs

here are all the DOGS that im playing today... wednesday aug 22

DOGS: 3-3 (+1.00) (+$100) (50%)

entire card for wednesday:

7. oakland (+1.70)
8. Texas (+1.35) game 1 of DH
9. Texas (+1.25) game 2 of DH
10. indians (+1.35)
11. drays (+1.60)
12. mets (+1.35)
13. nationals (+1.30)

all listed pitchers, risking one unit ($100)..

back on thursday.....


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Re: Handicapping Dogs

pretty good day yesterday: 5-2 (+5.25 units)

ML MLB Dogs: 8-5 (+6.25 units) (+$625) (62%)

plays for thursday aug 23

14. pirates (+1.25)
15. padres (+1.40)
16. marlins (+1.60)
17. blue jays (+1.40)

all plays risking one unit ($100) for these dogs..... there will be no additions for ML dogs on thursday. back friday.......


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Re: Handicapping Dogs

pretty good night: 4-0

ML Dogs: 12-5 (+11.90 units) (+$1190) (71%)

plays for friday aug 24

18. tigers (+1.30)
19. oakland (+1.20)
20. marlins (+1.20)
21. nationals (+1.35)
22. rangers (+1.20)
23. royals (+1.60)

no additions and probably last day for this thread..... ive got 4 running threads at EOG in august, just going to combine everythine in one thread...

goal is still (47%) on (+1.20 or better) dogs.....


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Re: Handicapping Dogs

thx Munson and as Cannon would say, thats (+35.70 units) based on 3 unit plays in 3 days........ heading into today........