Hot towel can eliminate dark circles

Third, hot towel to dark circles
Most of the dark circles are due to lack of sleep caused by eye blood circulation around the not usually, so the phenomenon of melanin precipitation. Woke up immediately after the best with their own body temperature and not much hot towel Fuyan, and then use the cooling towel exchange Fu Yan, 10 minutes or so you can make your dark circles dilute half Oh.The complete result can be seen in 16 weeks, then you can use it once or twice a week to maintain the effect.Once you stop using careprost, your eyelashes will return the original length.Eventually,if you want to buy or wholesale careprost online,please contact our customer service,Or click on the upper left button, careprost online can talk with customer service directly.By the way,wish you a happy shopping!

4, massage to dark circles
After getting up is a good time to dark circles. After getting up with both hands to do clockwise circular motion, massage the skin around the eye, about 5 minutes can be. This method can promote the blood circulation around the eye, eliminate dark circles.

5, horseshoe to dark circles
Wash the horseshoe and lotus root, peeled, and then use a clean knife to minced horseshoe, into the juicer, and two glasses of water to reconcile after the slag, deposited around 10 minutes in the eye can be friends. Lotus root and were rich in iron, protein, a blood stasis effect, so the effect of dark circles to the very good.