I suck at betting baseball

Re: I suck at betting baseball

Looks like luck was on my side yesterday.

I still suck at betting baseball.

More plays to come, do not follow me whatever you do. :+textinb3
2-0 (100%), +3.05 units
Re: I suck at betting baseball

This is a little off subject, but everytime hogan posts i cant think but to put Hulk Hogan's voice with his post and then I almost believe that its the real hogan.
Re: I suck at betting baseball

3 things to look at when available and it will help you alot.

1. weather in regards to any humidity
2. umps
3. pitchers which goes hand/hand in #2. A good ump can make a shit pitcher look like a star if the ball is crossing the plate and no one is moving.

Keep up the good work pass.
Re: I suck at betting baseball

Right here


When the rotation is already set this a great tool to use with the others. Dont only play just on an ump but use it as another factor. Usually within an hour before game time or so you can surf the net to find the umps on the games that are the first day of the rotation, however I like to have all my ducks in order well before a game starts.
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Also the plays are totals, not sides. I suck balls also at sides. To me the 3 factors in totals work well if you follow them and use all 3 to your advantage during the season. I fell behind about 5 days and feel like I have missed 3 months.
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Pass the rock-nice run ..but hope you didn't put a bundle on the plays today! I'm NOT against you on any of them...I just thought there were better plays on the board today! GL!
Re: I suck at betting baseball

Wow... 4-0 tonight.

Maybe this baseball betting is not so bad. :+textinb3

12-3 (80%), +11.03 units

Lets see what happens tomorrow.
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I have been overlooking this thread because of the title, but I can see you are the king of sarcasm. I understand and appreciate your perspectives. Nice record PTR. Keep up the good work. Im on KC RL also. Lets cash. :thumbsup