If I had a million dollars, I would bet over 8.5

I dont know more I can say. I see all these guys on twittee posting 6 figure tickets and just makes my blood boil. I will sell you this pick for 29.99 because I bet 3 thousand on it...

Some people just dont get it. There is no guarantee. Im not rich. I lose this bet of course I will lose sleep because thats who I am. I am a real gambler who risks real money.
I know. Im just making a logical assumption this game will have a lot of runs. We have a team who already had a long road. Used multiple pitchers in an extra inning game... but their offense is still capable of putting up some runs..
I dont sleep well at all. I wake up at 5 am regardless if I was drinking the night before. I want to know how big Patrick Chungs dick is...

Is he playing? Is he not?

It can only take you so far. What I always have struggled with is numbers.