Is poster BUSHAY still here? If so, is he still in the BOX business?

I’m sure a lot of you would be surprised to learn Nitro tv has a few celebrity resellers like myself as well as customers. Ex LA Laker Tony Farmer, Cedrick Ceballos are resellers as well as ex NBA players Lamont Murray. Boss told me they got in on the ground floor 3 years ago and spent a lot of money on rebranding and boxes. Customers include JayZ producer Just Blaze, Meta World Peace, Terrell Owens, ex Jets linebacker Lozo Mauldin, ex Raider WR Tim Brown. Few more too I forget now.
And you do not NEED a box. But I sell a fully loaded firestick or box that I load up with all the free and updated movie and tv show apps already on it along with 4 different NItro TV apps you have the choice to choose which one you like best. The Movie apps are great allowing you to watch virtually ANY old or new movie or tv show in HD. I sell the whole package along with any support you may need now or later. Which you more than likely will need if you're just starting out. That all comes with a firestick from me along with a free month of the Nitro service to try out and see if this is for you. Most who get a whiff of all the sports you can watch including all the PPV fights on Saturday nights. After your month expires the service runs anywhere from $15-$20 a month based on your length of service you'd like to sign up for. I am a reseller for Nitro Tv meaning any issues you may have you contact me along with when its time to re-up and, I'm the guy you pay and I'll extend you.
What do you charge for this?
bushay that WEB browser app you suggested and had available for us the other day, wow that is a game changer for this stick and box on the TV with the simple remove the amazon boxes have. so much to like on that APP.

and wanti thanks so much for sharing this link site, Quadnut 4 screens, all the sports most need (Granted I need a bit more) but wow that site is amazing and with the Browser Bushay suggested its nice on TV and of course incredible on laptop or desktop with fast Internet also.

I learn lots from bushay and love his service , products he puts together and his reseller services, , customer service and frequent updates on new things, But in this thread I also learn from wanti,(when I can understand what he is saying!) and honest the more you guys argue a bit back and forth and get on each other, well the more we learn as you go back and forth so keep it up up up
yeah even the TVs I have cant run 4 screens at once but my PCs can. That would be a good test I suppose for a box or a stick. Seeing how many screens they can run at once. I think they would be lucky to get 2 I suspect a stick would have one decent and a couple black screens. I get 3 from the tvs. I dont have any boxes or sticks kicking around or I would 'test' it. Its not about internet speed anymore its about processor power more than anything now. With so many different entities getting into streaming even server traffic isnt nearly as big an issue as it used to be. because there are more servers and thus less traffic per server and also people have ramped up their server output, even the free places. (because most of them are running ads now). Youre going to find more often than not that any buffering you get is from your hardware not being able to keep up, especially trying to run 4 1080 feeds simultaneously. If you lower the quality (not sure if that site allows it but a few do) then youre probably going to be able to get all 4 to play through a decent box.

If you want more screens run that site through a desktop with a decent GPU and processor speed and have it connected to two (or more TVs) then split the screens. Or if you have a couple PCs or laptops you can run those to different TVs. You wont have a 'remote' per se but that site has a built in pointer but you will have a mouse with a PC but if youre running 8 or 12 screens you really dont need to be changing a channel anyway.

I use Chrome still although Puffin for TV is a decent browser for TV. Silk isnt getting anything special which is ironic but maybe understandable since its an Amazon product. People generally see Amazon and think its they 'best' when it comes to streaming but not always the case. The boxes/TVs obviously are but mostly because theyre open source.

Right now everything is being made to run on phones and tablets so anything halfway decent youre trying to run it through should work. But phones and tablets these days are getting more and more powerful (the only thing they have to keep selling them). So they can be as powerful as some older PCs actually. Thats why streaming has also become more mainstream because people dont sit around at home watching TV anymore, theyre watching on their frigging phones and in some cases watches. Thats why more and more of these newer Apps and APKs are centered around phones and interface better with them, and even though its all android it still works better on the device its targeted for.

Thats really the only thing 'old school' people have to 'worry' about is that the tech will stop being upgraded and updated for the boxes or the TVs and will be focused primarily on the phones and tablets route. But there are still enough people doing the 'regular' stuff so there isnt any real concern right now.

But basically any Galaxy 9 or 10 regardless of model will run most every decent APK out there right now. With quality as good as any TV. It actually looks better in some cases. Only difference is it a lot smaller.

Its become 'mainstream' now so it isnt as 'cool' I guess. But knowing which ones you can get for free is always a 'win' sure its cheap and Nitro is a good option but youre still paying for something you can get for free. Its like paying for parking in Vegas, its free in some places or should be. But people will still pay because its 'convenient'. Or people who dont take advantage of comps or kick backs or rebates. Your paying for something you shouldnt have to.

Its amazing that on these sites, places where guys to argue about the 'value' of a fucking penny on a line somewhere are all too willing to pay 15 or 20 bucks a month for something they can get absolutely free.

Its all about knowing WHERE to look and keeping up with anything decent that comes out, because they come out all the time. The only issue is longevity but the best ones are still going and getting better. When they dont someone else will make one that will be as good or better than the one that left. Thats just how it goes.
I agree with bushay about not buying a tv with amazon stuff preinstalled. I got it cheap around Christmas and its a nice TV but its very hard to add apps to it like you can with a stick or box. I still haven't been able to get nitro tv on it. I have kodi on it and some other apps but that's about it. Very frustrating to try and figure out how to add 3rd party apps to these tv's. I would say to buy a tv and get the stick/box separate.


All I do is trytrytry

you have to get the stick, god you can bring it anywhere, other houses, hotels on travel, buddies garage for some PPV and beers, 100% a stick, I prefer the box it works a bit faster in my mind but either one, a TV thats defeats the purpose of flexibility.

I suppose if you love that type of TV and need a TV anyway you could consider it if it has the other options you are seeking and price is right I mean its not horrible to have a TV with features.
I agree with bushay about not buying a tv with amazon stuff preinstalled. I got it cheap around Christmas and its a nice TV but its very hard to add apps to it like you can with a stick or box. I still haven't been able to get nitro tv on it. I have kodi on it and some other apps but that's about it. Very frustrating to try and figure out how to add 3rd party apps to these tv's. I would say to buy a tv and get the stick/box separate.
LOL they go on the EXACT same way they go onto a box or a stick the interface is exactly the same. The ONLY thing the TV has issues with is mouse toggle and Mobdro.

I have given you guys step by step instruction on the two most popular ways to add apps. Either through the filelinked 'stores' (which isnt as good) or the misfitmods page. Which you will need a browser for. A lot of apps are also on Google play now especially the utility ones which make adding other apps even easier.

But basically get a browser. The Puffin one is on googleplay and its actually better than Chrome since you dont need a mouse to use it. then go to and you can download every APK ever made. Its also the first place any updates are pushed. But for most of you I wouldnt update from there since sometimes those updates are put up before they will work on a device. Only do it from there if the update isnt working on the auto update when you start it on your device. Or your device has an older version.

Only thing you have to do is make sure you allow downloading from unknown sources. If that isnt toggled then no devise is going to let you sideload anything. ADB debugging isnt necessary as much now to have but most people just toggle both. Most APKs dont have it but if one wont load then you can toggle it. But it doesnt hurt to leave them on either way unless youre worried about someone else downloading a bunch of shit on your device.
Good lord. Someone want to translate some of that chicken feed while I watch 4 screens on my 4kfirestick? Lol
LMAO disingenuous as usual.

Whether its 'coincidence' or not those screenshots are made on INSIGNIA TVs. (cant tell the size) But Insignia TVs are the cheap version of TV with Amazon TV built in. So whether youre hooking a stick up to them or (more than likely) running them as is (with built in Amazon) you should have realized I would have noticed it. So you say 'the TV arent worth it then show a screen shot trying to 'prove' something using those very same TVs. LMAO.

But the quality of those pictures looks like shit, definitely not 1080. Could be the phone youre taking the picture with but more than likely theyre 720 at best and running 4 of them is diluting the quality even more. Also since its a 4K TV and it looks like that its REALLY been watered down.Also taken in the dark (probably to hide stuff) so it surely wanst any sort of 'my firesticks can run a 4 way split screen' proof.

Also the SIZE of the screen is going to have a huge impact as well. If theyre some 32 or even 39 inch then sure 4 should be fine maybe even with a stick or a box. But when you jump to 65 it wont. A PC will because it has a lot more processing power.

I know a lot of guys dont understand much of this, dont really have to. But I do and I know whats 'fake news' and what isnt.

I just find it hilarious you say "you dont need a TV, a stick is good enough''. Then you post some nonsense saying "I watch 4 screens on my firestick'. And then take screen shots on a firetv brand TV. (for people who dont know any better)

Now if you had always been genuine and forthcoming and not some exposed snake oil salesman I might give you the benefit of the doubt. But alas thats not the case.

I could I suppose go dig up a firestick and even a box hook them up to my 55 in Sony I use for a PC monitor and see what they can ACTUALLY do and post a VIDEO not a still screen which doesnt show buffering or any other issues. But I am not trying to sell anything.

I give people a fairly accurate feedback on what they can expect and where they can find shit FOR FREE that is as good (maybe even better) than what youre trying to sell.

A 55 in version of that TV you took a screen shot of is currently 329

How much are you charging for the sticks or boxes again? Just for sideloading some crap on them any monkey with an IQ over 50 should be able to do on their own?

Hey back in the day when it wasnt so widespread and you didnt start getting addicted to the money you were really showing people something different. But now youre all about trying to sell shit and making it out like your stuff is some super secret exclusive that is so much better than everything else you should pay for it. If you want to charge them for the 'service' (because most of the people you sell to are retards) fine, but say that. Tell them youre not selling them anything special and just charging to listen to their stupid questions.
Tried doing a few video but youtube wont let me do it. Probably copyright issues. But will keep trying. Basically a test through the PC to show quality and ability. On a BEST case scenario with a high end PC with top quality GPU and CPU processor which helps push through 'bad' feeds and eventually make them top quality feds. Something a stick or a box and maybe even some TVs cant do. Thats why you get buffering, you have a questionable source feed going through a good server but hitting a questionable device without enough 'power' to play the feed let alone improve it.

There are bottlenecks everywhere but ultimately source is the most important factor if its a shit source then no matter what you do the end result is going to look shitty. Think of those CAM movies of bootleg, some are actually very good but theyre still shot with a camera phone. Might even be better than a 1080 camera but it still doesnt get the post production of the raw feed. Yeah they do some stuff to them to clean them up but their quality iss till far from what a blueray post production movie is going to look like. They can both technically be 1080 butt theyre not the same. But your devive becomes the second most important especially now because like I said most servers and third party sources all have top quality servers that will give very good quality and it wont degrade nearly s much as it used to. So a great source feed is going to still be great. But if your device cant handle it then its going to buffer or maybe not play it at all.

I may test out the sticks and boxes to see. But if I cant get the video I shoot that shows what I am trying to say then it wont matter but I wanted to show VIDEO of constant 'motion' to see if they run without buffering and if the quality is the same. But I dont think I will be able to with youtube because they dont like people streaming copyrighted material. Which I have a hard time getting past when I am trying to show different aspects of the same thing.

But I am 99.99% certain a stick isnt going to run the feeds with nearly the same quality or ability as a top end PC with high end CPU and GPU. I say they wont run 4 at a time at all. Thats why I laughed at Bushays screenshots made on a definite FireTV built in processor and he wanted to call it a stick. Its also NOT a video but a picture. That could h ave been the one or two shots where they were all visible and they could also be buffering we dont know. Like I siad he cant be given the benefit of the doubt anymore. Especially when I do test this shit and know what can and cant be done. Especially when these 'performance' issues come up.
I used to use Terrarium for movies but they shut down. Does anyone have a link for the best movie app at the moment to install?
Didn’t I sell you a box years ago Heisenberg? If so you will find it in your Dropbox app if you didn’t uninstall it. Thought I sold you one. Hi can’t keep track of everyone from way back if they don’t now have a Nitro account with me.
Didn’t I sell you a box years ago Heisenberg? If so you will find it in your Dropbox app if you didn’t uninstall it. Thought I sold you one. Hi can’t keep track of everyone from way back if they don’t now have a Nitro account with me.
No I already had my box but we talked about possibly installing a sports package on it.
You guys are making things way too complicated when all you have to do is subscribe to Nitro for $20/month.
Nitro doesn’t have a lot of VOD movies. A couple of the the time iptv services got shut down for holding VOD movies on their servers if they housed them in the States. ( Settv) mainly) Nitro owner pulled them at the time. When these iptv owners get sloppy is when they have problems like that. When you see all the live tv categories you see now, we used to have an almost equal amount of movie categories. Come groups had 2-300 movies in each genre group. They were incredible. At the time he told us if things changed in the future he would bring them all back. All one click movies of fantastic quality too. A couple of movie apps along with Nitro and there’s nothing you cannot watch on your firestick. But a 4K stick is the way to go if you don’t have one. Better WiFi chip and a much faster processor. They zip thru the channels incredibly fast compared to the older devices. Worth every bit of the extra $10 price tag. Can control your tv with the remote as well. This stick has been a game changer for me in terms of sales.
Bushay - the one problem with Nitro is that I don't know how to record a show. Is there a way to do that?
Firesticks normally have very little storage space. Especially after I load mine up. So you cannot record too much stuff and if you do it would be wise to delete it after you watched it. But that’s what the Catchup is for. Nitro has between 200-250 channels is records everyday and stores that content for you to click and watch. This has really been another game changer if I can use that term again. All the Networks, most every movie channel, news and Entertainment channel. Plus the amount of Sports channels is pretty lengthy as well. Most any game you can go back and watch within the last 3 days it’s played. Most of the ufc and boxing matches are replayed forever in the 24/7 Boxing/UFC/MMA group. Was there something other that what I mentioned you were interested in recording? I usually have a solution. If you had a firetv box, Android box or Nvidia Shield you could hook up a external hard drive to it and tape and record anything you wanted. Some of the more high end Android boxes if you get a mag device has their own EPG guides and DVR functions built right into them. But a mag devices once you hook up and enter your IP address you can only use that device under that roof. It’s married to that box and that box only. Any other device you get to use 2 devices at a time so even if you didn’t have. A2nd firestick, you could install Nitro on your phone or tablet and watch or even watch on your web browser. All work great. I don’t know what Nitro app you are using and they are all different but for the most part you just need to set the storage area. In other words, where exactly on that device are you going to be storing what you want to record. Then it’s just a matter of normally long pressing the enter button when your in a channel and directing it to start recording. This is the type of advice a reseller would be able to help you with when you have questions.
I'm sure it's a great deal but I already watch too much TV as it is-LOL
Listen, I don’t ever push anyone to buy more than they need, but the reason you just stated was all the reason you WOULD want to look into a service like this. Paying $15-20 a month sure beats $100+ if your watching a little or a lot.
No one gives a fuck about any of that nonsense.
LMAO what nonsense? THE TRUTH? You try and make people think an Amazon TV 'isnt worth it', then use the very same TV (a cheaper version actually) to try and prove your 'sticks' are just as good. That is an outright lie, and thats why you used a TV with a built in Amazon TV system because a stick and a box wouldnt do it. Hey I can give you the benefit of the doubt on some shit, even justify you maybe charging some people because you have to answer stupid questions. But being a scummy scammer and being completely hypocritical is too much. Thats why I am going to comment each and every time some sap comes in here and you try and sell them something they dont need.

Youre worse than a fucking used car salesman. That post directly above shows your mindset in one small sentence. "Listen, I don’t ever push anyone to buy more than they need," Which is the whole point THEY DONT NEED TO PAY FOR ANYTHING.

That says it all, youre always looking to SELL something, shill a few crumbs out of some saps pocket. While the OP did give you the greenlight by starting the thread asking for a box. A few of us here have shown multiple ways to get the same or better for NOTHING. They certainly dont need you to sell it to them, even Nitro, because they have their own website, and even if youre a reseller I dont see them getting any discounts buying from you, in fact you were charging these fools more than Nitro would directly until you got exposed. So them 'buying' it through you only benefits you.

There are MULTIPLE FREE apps and websites that have replays of games, most of them condensed and without commercials. The ONLY reason you would subscribe to ANYTHING is to watch it live. So trying to make a selling point of 'you can watch replays with this' is retarded.

We have listed ad nauseum the number of movie and TV show apps and APKs which have every show ever made listed (not all with feeds) that people can go and binge watch anything they can think of. Those are all free. The two best options right now are any of the Morphues clones and Cinema HD. Zion gets an honorable mention. But to fully get the best experience from any of them they should be connected to a account. Thats free as well.

99% of the guys here want to watch sports. As their live viewing habits. So while Nitro or any other sub IPTV service seems like a 'no brainer' it isnt necessary anymore not with all the other capable and free services out there. The only argument USED to be 'you dont always get the best quality'. But with the one I listed (and a couple others) that isnt even an excuse anymore because theyre all streaming in full 1920X1080. Having an EPG (TV Guide) isnt even an excuse with that site because it categorizes and time stamps every event for that day. With home and away feeds.

15-20 bucks a month is still 15-20 bucks a month. Which is a lot more than FREE. Your sales pitch is 'its a lot cheaper', so is what I am saying. Free is the CHEAPEST.

Anyone that has a box, a stick, or a TV even one they bought from you can still get everything I listed here for free. Best thing if its an older one is to factory default reset it and load the few 'necessary' things you need to start sideloading your own stuff. Plenty of youtube walkthrough videos on most of it. But I have given out some pretty detailed instructions throughout the other thread. First thing you need to do is allow apps from unknown sources. Toggling ADB debugging isnt as necessary as it used to be but it doesnt hurt so toggle it just ot be sure.

But basically its all about getting a downloader official and the one everyone uses. Then download a browser. But with this one you dont even need the downloader app I just posted. Chrome workls too although its a little involved these days to get on since they took it off the amazon store. But having a downloader is good to have just in case. Get those on there. Then go to Download a player or two MX player is basically the best but some APKs and apps require their own (which should prompt you to download if they dont download themselves). Then start downloading a bunch of stuff to check them out and see what you like., It is sometimes personal preference but usually it is all about common sense.

But start with ones that have been recently updated, that means theyre getting worked on and 'improved'. Most of the ones 'worth' having get updated pretty regularly. Some of the live TV ones dont, although the best generic Live TV one

Live NetTV v4.6 [AF].apk

did just get an update. It actually made it more difficult to use since it caches a lot and it can cause loading problems but the feeds are much better and crisper than they used to be. If you are running an ad blocker it will not load at all. But if you can find the channels you want somewhere else you dont need it. But I like it for the Eurosports channels.

Then youre going to want to have a few TV/Movie ones. As mentioned Any of the Morpheus clones...Phoenix is the best known one and there are others but I dont like to mention them because theyre not posted all over youtube and that means traffic is limited on them. CinemaHD gets updated a lot. Zion is very good now too. There are many others that you can try too but they all start just being different versions of the same thing but like I said some people might like the interface of some I dont. BeeTV and Tea TV both get regular updates and they work I just dont like the interface, a lot of people do because theyre getting used a lot. So window shop you can easily uninstall anything you dont like. Thats why that list is awesome its all one button 'shopping' and you can click them and if you spend an hour youre going to have more than enough shit loaded than you will need. Some of the good things are also browser based an dnot technically APKs or apps, that sports one I have been linking is a good example. You can also have your email accounts and EOG and any other website bookmarked on that Puffin Browser. Yahoo mail doesnt work with Chrome now for some reason. But that is a personal inconvenience more than anything. There are also some 'official' Apps and APKs which are worth looking at as well. If you have Amazon Prime then that opens up a whole shitload of stuff as well.

While this may look complicated it really isnt. Anyone with half a brain can do it. My wife who is as retarded as they come technologically figure it out.

You seriously dont need to buy anything subscribe to anything or pay for anything beyond an internet connection. Its so amazing how everyone here bashes and belittles touts but by giving money to Bushay or anyone that basically what youre doing. He is as dishonest and manipulative as any tout there is. He just nickels and dimes people here and there (because he has some oversight) but he is still charging people for shit they can get themselves for the same or better 'price'.


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I pay the same for nitro from Bushay as I do from their main site. If I have a problem, I would rather deal with him. I’ve had only one and it was my mistake.