Jared Weaver Alert


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This kid is special, is an allstar. Tons of value on him in near future. Cy YOung stuff. Saw him play many times at Long Beach State, dont know why Angels sat on their ass for so long to sign him and then bring him up.
Angels: "Sorry, Jered, we just don't have any room on the roster."

Jered: "But, I'm 4-0 with a 1.87 ERA."

Angels: "Yeah. You're just the boost our AAA club needs in Salt Lake."


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7-0 in case anybody is interested, guy is best pitcher in baseaball like I said. 2 years ago he was ready for the show and Angels had thumb up their ass, if he was latin Artie would have signed him earlier.


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cklennon said:
Best pitcher in baseball?
He wouldn't even be the best rookie pitcher on the Red Sox (Papelbon) and he would be close to Lester.

Let him face the AL a 2nd and 3rd time - we heard the same things about Zack Duke last year.