Las Vegas Advisor Question of the day for Tuesday Aug 30, answer tommorrow.

What happens to the unclaimed items left in the hotel-casinos? Is there a public auction?

Where I work (a casino) Items such as watches and jewelry are silent auctioned off after a certain amount of time amongst the employees, the proceeds are earmarked for a specific charity. other items jackets, canes, I don't know about.
Answer from LVA:

A: We surveyed a range of properties around town and found that the standard policy at all the hotel-casinos we spoke with is to donate unclaimed items to charity after a specified period of time has elapsed. How long this period is varies from property to property, and sometimes on the value of the item in question. It can also depend on whether the property was left in a room, in which case at the larger establishments it tends to fall under the aegis of housekeeping, or was lost in a public area or at a smaller property, where it?s passed to and dealt with by security.

For example, at Binion?s and the Flamingo, all items are handled by security and are kept for 30 days. (In the case of Binion?s, we were informed that the person who found the item has the option to keep it, if they state this desire at the time they find it and it remains unclaimed. Otherwise, it goes to charity.) Green Valley Ranch also holds on to lost property for 30 days before giving it to charity -- contact housekeeping if you left it in your room; otherwise speak with security.

If an item of clothing is left in a room at the MGM Grand, they'll hold onto it for 14 days only. More valuable items such as cell phones or jewelry are kept for 60 days or longer, however. Items of value found in the casino or other public areas are generally kept for 120 days. Clothing left in a room at the Mirage is kept for 30 days, while money or jewelry is kept for three months. If an item of clothing is left in a public area, it's given to housekeeping and kept for the standard 30 days. If it's something of value, then it's passed to security and kept for longer, depending upon its perceived worth.