Learned this week that All Religions are Bullshit, including Christianity...

They duped me for almost 4 decades, mostly Christianity...what God is going to send their only Son to die on a cross ? I could go on and on, but there are many gods (one True Creator God though) there is no original sin, and the Apostle Paul was an anti Christ...Jesus (if he existed was an elder benevolent being teaching us that we have all we need is within, and that there is no need for a Savior). Also, there is no hell. What happens is that souls get recycled into this earth matrix we are currently living in OR they use their free will, divinity, and sovereignty to say "fuck no", I am not coming back to this fucking piece of shit world, and I want out of this place, and want to go HOME, like Dorthy did in the OZ...99.9 percent of you won't get this...and I didn't write this for you, but for the .1% that do get it...that is the handful that I wrote this for.

Cheers !

Mr. Carney.