"LeBron: ‘I don’t think I will ever get back to 100% in my career’ "

He is just preparing his retirement excuse. It's not old age. It's some bullshit injury. Cost him another 10 years of balling!


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it could yes... Lebron rings trickled in with 3 different teams. . The owner in cleveland hurt LBJ chances i think a little... also LBJ general MGR skills hurt him too...
I was looking at it from Jordan’s perspective. Doubtful he wins 8, but by leaving in the prime of career, it can be speculated that he would have won 8 in a row.

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Forget LeBron v. MJ or LeBron v. Kobe.

The NBA needs to start marketing LeBron v. Kareem.

"King James" is likely to retire as the game''s all-time leading scorer.

John Kelly

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1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387

2 Karl Malone 36,928

3 LeBron James 35,318

4 Kobe Bryant 33,643

5 Michael Jordan 32,292