Lets Go Agassi

Is it true that CBS wanted Andre Agassi on as the second semifinal match today, but "The Boss" (as some of the old ATP employees coined the term for him) said no, since it could be difficult for him if he played second and the first match ran late? Now that's power...Mary Pierce
will return to the Top 10 on Monday for the first time since 2001...From PTI: "Sania Mirza refused to be drawn into a controversy over her professional dress code and denied she faced any racial discrimination on the circuit. A religious scholar reportedly issued a "fatwa" about her dress code saying that Islam does not permit a woman to wear skirts, shorts and sleeveless tops. "Veil can be dropped on certain occasions but not the way the girl is going about and playing in all those countries," the scholar told a private news channel yesterday. The comments of the scholar were extensively aired by the private television channel that also sought the views of women's organisations on the subject, stirring a major controversy. Maintaining stoic silence on the issue, Sania, who comes from a devout Muslim family, passed the query off saying that she has nothing to say about it."...Mary Pierce is 6-0 in grand slam semifinals...26-year-old Fabiola "The Fabulous One" Zuluaga has announced her retirement...The Bryan brothers said Andy Roddick partied for a few days in New York after his US Open loss then took the party (and a planeload of friends) to Las Vegas.

Sam Odom

EOG Master
The General said:
There were a lot of guys waxing the mule thinking about her back in the blue Lagoon days.

She is still hot, that's the problem. Andre couldnt keep his mind on his tennis while she was in NY or LA and he was all over the world away from her. With his present wife he isnt worried about everyone else trying to bang her.