LVMan (ml dogs)


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you asked me about the (+1.20/+1.70 dogs) the other day, just a heads up.. if im remembering correctly (as my info is not in front of me) but the ml dogs in this price range, smoked interleague play last year. ill try and look that up but i think they did extremely well and i believe were coming upon interleague play.
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thanks a lot ssi. i appreciate the info. i sure hope history repeats itself. we're virtually 1/4 of the way through the season and i'm exactly +3.07 units on 38.4% winners, just hoping the dogs start hitting near their historical average. thanks again and best of luck, i'll keep you posted weekly on the way the method plays out.


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im going to put $50 on the dogs from (+1.20/+1.70) in interleague plays... ill post the results in this thread.

keep me posted on how your doing.... hey turing a profit on only (38%) winners isnt bad.

thanks shrink, im after you in the other thread...


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Interleague dogs: 0-0 (+/-$0)

i may not have time to post the exact plays but im going to be risking $50 on every ML dog in interleague play this weekend, priced from (+1.20 thru +1.70). Ill be waiting as late as possible and using Covers closing lines for confirmation of wagers.

good luck with your wagers.

will update the plays sometime later today or tonight, as ill be out during the early evening hours.


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Coach, be careful with this.. i probably wont be posting the plays until later in the evening, after the games have started...

ill play them all, if they fall between (+1.20/+1.70) but ill be using 3 outs, betjamica, the greek or my local... ill do my best to use the Covers lines for the guide but when were talking about plays that are (+1.15) or (+1.75) those plays will be very difficult to call, so your on your own with that call...

ill post exactly what i played and ill risk $50 on all of them.


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Ok- I probably will stick with the 1.20-1.70 range. Except for the Nats-it looks the plays are on the American league tonight. The lines have moved a little since this morning and will probably move a little more- I will wait until this afternoon. Thanks again!
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hey ssi, my mistake on the % of winners, it was really 41.4%, sorry about that, i should have corrected that earlier. i realized my mistake after i posted last time. through yesterday, 5/15, i am 40- 62 and - 1.76 units. i'm sticking with it though, i really feel it'll come around. it averages about 7 plays a day. i 've only been playing it for 16 days,[started on 4/30}, i really think it's just a short term downdraft. will keep you posted, and good luck today!!! p.s. sure hope you're right about interleague, lvman


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here is what i just played at betjam (i wanted to post these before leaving)(back in 4-5 hrs)

all risking $50

1. jays (+1.25)
2. nats (+1.20)
3. Yanks (+1.30)
4. oak (+1.40)
5. tigers (+1.30)
6. twins (+1.25)
7. royals (+1.30)

that appears to be all, im going to make a call and if the dodgers are a play later, ill add them but that appears to be all, so (7-8) plays tonight.


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now i know why i went to the other style of wagering... i am not a screen watcher..

Dogs: 2-4 (-1.45) thanks to the tigers on friday night..

saturdays dogs..

dodgers (+1.50)
nationals (+1.20)
oakland (+1.30)
giants (+1.25)
padres (+1.45)
brewers (+1.45) game 2 of DH
yanks (+1.20)

good luck, i probably wont add anything else today...


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Re: LVMan (ml dogs)

Dogs: 4-9 (-3.65 units) (-$182.50)

i will play these again today (from +1.20/+1.70) but this will probably end it for me... to put it bluntly, i dont like to wager in this manner and i dont like to lose money, even if playing tiddlywinks..

ill post the plays later but you can check them for yourself..


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sundays plays

Mets (+1.50)
Padres (+1.60)
Dodgers (+1.20)
Twins (+1.35)
Nats (+1.45)
Oakland (+1.20)

this concludes my experiment with playing every interleague dog from (+1.20/+1.70) for $50...

would like to get even...