Math Model Plays for tuesdays bowls


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i have been using a math model to produce a very current Power Rating...

for tuesday it has

Rice -3 (Rice -7 should be the line)
Nevada -2.5 (nev -7 should be the line)
Ore +3 (Oregon -6 should be the line)

since saturday this has worked really well.............. ill introduce it officially on Jan 1, in a separate thread...

for today it did have NCST +7, line should have been +3 and NW +14 (line should have been a pick)....

in the nba today it had..

Orl -3 (they currently trail 70-66 at det)
Mem +2.5 (posted this play last night)
Toronto -1 (play later tonight)

this has been awesome in its "back testing".... just remember for tuesday.

rice -3
Nev -2.5
Ore +3

be back on Jan 1



EOG Dedicated
Re: Math Model Plays for tuesdays bowls


Not trying to be ugly but must agree with Cannon.

Lord man, you have tried, produced, invented every type system in the world.
I do give you credit.....You keep trying. GL