My Latest Project at EOG


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and its a small one, im putting up $1000 and going to post and play (1 selection) at a time for roughly 10% of the balance...

im still trading, still playing my systems...

this thread will be for the $1000..

ill be playing at (betjam, greek or with a Local).... call this a side project for capping, as we approach football..

July 31 Beginning Balance: $1000

1. Tigers (-1.30) $130 to win $100 (verlander/carmona)

please try and keep the discussions in this thread on this topic (ill try myself)...

back tonight with another play..

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Re: My Latest Project at EOG

so much for the tigers..

0-1 (-$130)

Thread Balance: $870

play for thursday night July 31

2. braves Under 10 (-1.10) $99 to win $90

just going to go with a number close to 10%, im not going to break down into decimals...

back on friday.. or possibly for the (az/lad game) if the braves game ends early enough tonight.. will only have One pending at a time..