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Tomorrows Newspaper's expertise of baseball doesn't carry well into fantasy baseball...:lol

Seriously, his knowledge of MLB ranks among the best...

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Not a single Notre Dame player in double figures.

The Irish have lost two straight games on four separate occasions this season.

One loss leads to another.
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lol why would you trust someone saying who is a ghost or not a ghost, especially at a place where ghosts are arbitrarily outed?

man quite the excitement around here these days, what with this thread, the 'is JK a tout' thread, BTJ's oscars thread, etc
why do always seem to make the most sense around here?


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Mike Brey's teams on short rest are not great. This is purely an observation, I'll look to see if the results back this up. But it's something to keep in mind come Big East Tourny / NCAA Tourny time.
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Notredame should be in the NIT. Notredame comes in 5th in the CAA. Notredame a dog to LongBeach, Oral Roberts, Murray St.