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USC's head coach Clay Helton declared "No Mr. Nice Guy" during the offseason.

Safe to assume, his gentle approach was one of the reasons USC finished 5-7 last season.

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As long as they take Swann with Helton, Trojan Nation will be happy.
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Going back to controlling mistakes. Looking at last year's NFL stats - Saints,Rams,Patriots,Chiefs all did well in the plus category of turnovers. All of them forced about 10 more turnovers than they gave up.

None of these teams had conservative offensive strategies. They put the pressure on the other team to catch up by making plays themselves especially early in the game.

Pass interference penalties go up against these teams when opponents get behind and cannot afford to give up any additional points. A perfectly good game plan of no penalties and no turnovers goes out the window when a team gets behind 14 points. But, at that point, does the team in front keep playing the way they got ahead - or go conservative - play not to lose?

It is just not that easy to say the team that makes the least mistakes will win. It is my opinion the winning team got ahead by making plays and have been making plays against other teams and put the pressure on the other team. Sure, teams come out and have turnovers in the first half and are way behind. Are they just incompetent or were they vulnerable because they were stretching their talent to try and get a lead???

John Kelly

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Good point about the Pats, Rams, Chiefs and Saints.

Florida was -3 in turmover margin against Miami.

And Hawaii was -4 against Arizona.

Florida and Hawaii are 1-0 this season.