my worst bad beat ever

happened tonight in the eog bookmaker tourney .. kkkk lost to aaaa . wow that was a first ..

:cheers kinger give me a bad beat jackpot :cheers


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Re: my worst bad beat ever

My worst beat ever as far as i could remember was at the final table of a freezeout tourney. I had pocket aces vs one other guy that had A7. Flop came A 7 3. Turn came 7. River came 7. 4k difference in payout.


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Re: my worst bad beat ever

I was at the table tonight when that 4 aces beat 4 kings. I was so wishing it was a ring game and the badbeat jackpot of $349,794 was hit. Would have been some celebrating going on. :houra
Re: my worst bad beat ever

it was against wouldn't have counted since he didn't have a pocket pair..I had AA and raised,,,flop AKA...I checked, turn K...I checked river K, so board is AKAKK..I bet he goes allin, I call...:lock: 12io4j2w90 :btj: :cheers