NBA: Miami Heat - Charlotte Hornets


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NBA: Miami Heat - Charlotte Hornets

Recommendation: Heat – 4

Odds: 1.869

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

My pick will hardly surprise you. I expected some 2-3 points bigger spread here and willingly take this one.

Teams split season series 2-2, each winning one home and one road game. This is a play-off game though and as stated previously, experience makes a great deal of the winning process, not pure skills only. That’s exactly why Raptors failed again last night (go Pacers!) and I see Hornets’ in just the same situation. Kemba Walker had an excellent regular season but all the pressure is now on his shoulders and everybody expects him to lead his team. Easier said than done when you play against a future Hall of Famer in Dwayne and a pesky lightning like Goran The Dragon J Raptors analogy again, DeRozan and Kyle Lowry failed to accept that mental challenge yesterday, and they’re both better players than Kemba (talking of pure skillset).

Batum will play through a twisted ankle and I hope this will slow him down on the offensive end. Charlotte really need his boost from 3-point line and his smooth passing abilities. Heat should definitely win the war in the paint too, Hassan / Amare have clear advantage over Zeller / Jefferson on both ends of the floor.

All in all, Heat just need Dwayne plus at least one among Dragic / Joe Johnson to bring their average numbers in scoring in order to secure the win. Great probability to happen actually because of the experience we’ve been talking about. Actually this is the main reason I decided to skip trying UNDER 200 points as a second bet here. They’ve passed this line only once in the four regular season games and it really seems a bit high for the opening game of the series. I guess oddsmakers are cautious with Heat catching fire and/or Goran – Kemba start outrunning each other.

The prop bets, Dwayne to score over 20.5 points at around 2.10 looks like a nice thing. Dwayne will get Spoelstra’s confidence to shoot all the clutch possessions and will probably receive quite a few trips to the foul line too