NBA Philadelphia 76ers - New York Knicks


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NBA Philadelphia 76ers - New York Knicks

Recommendation: OVER 204

Odds: 1.892

Bookmaker: Pinnaclesports / Sportmarket

It’s a friendly game basically so I don’t see any of the teams playing hard defense. They can’t play good D anyway, even more so now, without a real incentive

Sixers should be slightly more motivated to win here in order to record a mini winning streak of 2 games, something they haven’t succeed to do so far through this season. They also have a new general manager, so a win would be a proper start for the young Colangelo. Philly are guaranteed to finish as the worst team in the league, the tanking job is done long ago. Carl Landry and Canaan found a good shooting form in the last games and I guess they will carry the scoring load again.

New York will probably miss Porzingis again and this is kinda good for the OVER chances as Carmelo is way the better and faster shooter of course, and I prefer him having unlimited shot attempts against a broken Philly defense. Knicks young players will probably get extended minutes again, so more running and easy points off Sixers numerous turnovers hopefully.

I still think Philly has slightly better chance to edge this. The spread is only 3 points in their favor though, not enough to instill a huge confidence in a team with only 10 wins so far. Something like 110-105 (in any direction) sounds about right here.