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The opening odds start here
Respectfully disagree, outside of Denver and Miami, the public won't care about this matchup, a Heat/Nuggets finals will be one of the lowest rated of all time imo
I look at it as the public really would want to see how Miami, who couldn't close it out tonight, shows their grit against the Nuggets,. For Boston, taking one game at a time right now is the only approach they need to take, but they are still a +270 dog even after surviving tonight with Miami at -330 (BM) The ratings might not be stronger than if it were Boston to be there maybe before this series started, but with the lack of execution for the C's, and if the Heat were to advance, the nation would love to see if the latter can hold their own against the joker and a flurry of a bench that has a variety of options just like their own roster. Ratings overall less yes, but still an interest imo that wouldn't be a bust in the least. We will see if if pans out.


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Boston coach is enamored with J. Williams. I hope the love affair is over. They need to stay small with White. PPP drops drastically with Williams in exchange for a few extra ORs.

boston massacre

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Marc Davis is the crew chief for tonight's Celtics Heat game.

In the past 2 years with Marc Davis or Ed Malloy reffing, Boston is 2-9 at home.

The Heat are 19-4 with them reffing (10-3 on the road, 10-2 this year overall)

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GO Bucks!!!
Regardless of supporting casts or age, or what they scored in the first half; out of anyone in the GOAT conversation, no one flinched throughout their career come winning time like Lebron James.


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the next question is can mazzula motivate an overrated dirtbag like Jayson Tatum to go against Eastern Euro toughness of jokic


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Horford is one of the keys to a Boston win. L2, hustle stats way up and hitting the three. First 3 games you didn't know the guy was on the court.