NCAA basketball thread

past post loser, time to send me another 20 so you can win
I won plenty. Had Montana ML +278
also. Wash -6.5 was strictly a small hedge.

I was very fair with you. I made over 200 because I tailed your initial 4 picks. Sent you 20.

You should have touted IL over MN and Duke over Notre Dame. Those were easy covers.

Imo Montana +6.5 2h was a horrible pick and a lucky win. They outscored Wash by 8 points in last 3 minutes to cover half line by 2.5 points. Montana was +7 for the game, but you touted Montana -5.5. You got lucky not to hit the Polish middle. Good job.

Montana +7 or Montana -5.5. You make the call.
Warnock is the ballott stuffer fraudster, his team behind it., it was him that rigged it along with abrams. Warnock is a HUGE anti semite.
Blatant lies. Here are some facts and a main reason Warnock will win. Kelly Loeffler bought a mansion called Descante in 2009 for over 10.5 million. In 2016 after adding a $150,000 greenhouse, $125,000 in outdoor improvements, $100,000 to renovate the kitchen, the mansion was newly appraised at 4 million. A decrease in property value of over 60%? Which led to a property tax cut of around $110,000. In summary Kelly Loeffler's mansion lost 60% of its value in 2016 while all other property values in Atlanta were going up. This blatant corruption led to a $110,000 annual tax break for her. Another reason why Kelly Loeffler is hated and will lose