No more Jaws in the booth


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Re: No more Jaws in the booth

I had to watch each week with the sound off! Too much talking in the booth. The NFL isn't rocket science.


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Re: No more Jaws in the booth

I hope they still keep him on NFL Match UP with Merrill Hoge and Sal P. I get up at 4:30 am to watch that show since I can't stay up until midnight to watch it.

I really like the way Jaws analyses all the games that are featured, and a lot of what he says comes true when they play the games on Sunday.


Re: No more Jaws in the booth

he was the one who dropped the s bomb on live tv wasnt he?

I think he's decent.

I heard that Trent Dilfer might replace him....

I would love to see Peyton in the booth if he decides to retire.
Re: No more Jaws in the booth

ESPN continues to screw up MNF I hope they lose that contract when it comes up.
they screw up all sports. I like it much better when the Fox family of networks, MTN, Root, or Bigten channel gets the college football or hoop telecasts over espn talking heads.

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Re: No more Jaws in the booth

I predicted this move after Jaworski said the forbidden word.

Tirico and Gruden joked and laughed at one another's lame lines while "Jaws" always was the odd man out.
Re: No more Jaws in the booth

lol i actually like miller

but, he was too smart for the crowd and like the old phrase goes, 'dont overthink the room'
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He disagreed with Gruden way too much.

I think Gruden forced him out in an under the table deal.

Gruden is close to becoming the next John Madden and having 3 in the booth would have kept that from happening.

This all makes sense because Gruden is now in a great position.

I think the only way Gruden ever coach's again is if this MNF gig ends and as long as ESPN has MNF Gruden will be there in the booth.

Jaws was irritating ............. But then again they all are including Gruden.