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This sent chills up my spine, for obvious reasons

Hey bro, heard you were looking for me, thought I'd supply an :)

As I'm sure you knew back then, things were a little fucked up for xxxx and I to put it mildly when we got out of Va in a hurry in early April that year. We had no choice and we had to execute an intricately planned backstory that the press and squares would buy, while at the same time getting some serious distance between ourselves and certain people who shall remain nameless

We were on a long haul flight on Air China, on our way to, of all places, China. After a brief stop there rushing through the hellhole that is Taipei Airport, We then flew, also on Air China, to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, arriving tired as shit in the early in the morning of April 10, local time, after way too many hours in airports and flying. There is no wifi/Internet on Air China, even in business class, so I had no idea what was going on in the outside world, so to speak

Upon arrival, xxxx and I took a cab to our hotel, and were relaxing in our suite watching the television, when I saw my (new) phone buzzing, which was weird because I had not given anyone a forwarding number for obvious reasons. Xxxxxxxxx was on the other end with details about how our “departure” was being received. We unpacked our things, took showers to wash the airline off, and took well deserved naps. Waking in the late afternoon, we went out to hop bars along the soi at Pat Pong II and get stinking drunk. that's what I always did when I got to BKK—got stinking drunk. You'll find that a common theme we me. I'm nothing, if not a creature of habit.

Now this is the part where everyone wants to know how I went on the run, etcetera. How did I manage to evade what everyone assumes was the closing grasp and wrath of the United States Department of Justice and an army of angry bookmakers, among others.

Well, we went back to the hotel, got some sleep, and went out and did the same thing again the next day. And the next. Yes, this is how I apparently 'go on the run'. Pitiful, I know.

Xxxx and I had long since had a flight booked to take us to Phuket for a visit, and then Samui for a month or so. Eventually we flew back through BKK to Trat, and after the usual harrowing songthaew ride to the ferry, ended up on the island that has been our home now for close to a year and a half.

Xxxx and I continue to live on the same place on the beach as I had since I had arrived in Thailand. Over the next six months (Just rippin' through our passports real quick like here and checking visas and stamps and dates.) We left the country three or four times, by both air and land border crossings; each time returning to our same little place on the beach. Ah, this is life on the run. If anyone truly wanted to find me, it would have taken about 90 minutes.

In April, Songkran, the Thai New Year was coming up. I'd also recalled from the previous year, that also meant five months of waves up to my front door, no beach, and having everything I owned being wet for five months. My love affair with beachfront living was over. I moved inland, to a nice place in the jungle. No waves. Goddammit, those cicada's are loud, though.

If you dropped onto the island and hit any of, oh, say, all the bars, it would have taken about two bars to find someone that knew me, who I was and where I lived.


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It's become fairly well known in the community that Shrink made it to se asia in 2010 and laid pretty low for a while. There have been numerous credible sightings, pictures and even people that claim to have hung out with Ken and entourage over a period of days on Koh Chang and Samui. My question is, how is he travelling in and out of Thailand (if that indeed is where he still is) with what must be an expired passport? Mavbe the feds renewed it, which brings up a whole bunch of other questions. Land border with Cambodia near Trat is (or was) pretty porous but there's always the likliehood of being caught.

Interesting stuff