Obama's speech tonight

I?m sitting her waiting breathlessly for our fearless leader to address the nation on how he is going to combat terrorism. I have some ideas that he can do.

  1. Tell the nation ISIS has joined the Tea Party. This will give democrats the will to fight them.
  2. Do a #Stop the beheadings. This has worked with #bringing home the girls and it should work here.
  3. Tell the democrats we will not put boots on the ground. We will outfit our soldiers with Birkenstocks only.
  4. Let the terrorists know we mean them no harm and we don?t want to make them mad. This will ensure we don?t make more terrorists.
  5. Let them know also we will leave at the end of the week regardless of whether we are winning or not. Let them know winning is not important and ensure them we will leave soon.
  6. He should congratulate them for moving up from the JV Team to Varsity. This will make them happy and maybe they will like us.
Re: Obama's speech tonight

Obama has laid down the wood! He's showing some fire and the terrorists are running for cover. But if it doesn't work, Hillary has already demonstrated she means business. WE ARE WINNING!
Re: Obama's speech tonight

I'm not sure what your winning? Barry is now supporting the Syrian rebels he said a month ago were just optometrists and pharmacists. He said it was a fantasy to think they could fight effectively. And another thing. Do we know what there stand is on LGBT soldiers in their ranks? Are they diverse enough to win? What is their stance on women in combat? Are they Green enough to win? What is their carbon footprint and what are they doing to stop global warming? How can we support them without answers to these questions?
Re: Obama's speech tonight

You whiner! Obama has differed with the Pentagon's top general. O wants NO ground troops. This is what you get when you elect a Democratic president. If Romney won, your son would be overseas by now.
Re: Obama's speech tonight

What if we find out the Syrian troops we are going to train are racists? Shouldn't we find out what their carbon footprint will be when they engage the enemy? Do they allow women in combat? Do they support Don't ask, Don't tell? How can they win if they don't have their mind right?