Oklahoma +2 vs Iowa State A trap set by the books?


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Hmm seemed to me this line was a trap from the books trying to generate some extra income, knowing its the last game of the night, every degenerate gambler and their brother would take Oklahoma and the number 1 seed on the road against a 17 seed iowa state at home.

1.Someone definitely rigged this game, im just saying from a spread standpoint you have the kid dribble down the court furiously has a chance with plenty of time from a pull up 3 and dribbles out the clock when down five when someone obviously told him not too shoot.

2. You have the spread at definitely what seems to good to be true regardless of whether or not Oklahoma is on the road or at home.

3. Oklahoma gives up a 22-0 run in basketball against a weak team in their decision, point shaving seems eminent

4. who does a technical foul at the end of the game out of bounds, never seen that before, definitely seemed like a little point shaving by the players, I mean they weren't even going for rebounds.

5. Oklahoma hasn't lost but to one team who was #1 at the time in Kansas by 3 points in OT at Kansas

6. Look at the spread from the last meeting this year

[TABLE="class: data, width: 628"]


Iowa St.

W 87-83

Regular Season

L -7.5

O 163


Do you think the home game at this magical place called Hilton is going to give the the home team that much of an edge to be considered especially when the other team was just ranked #1 in the world?

Not too mention if you tried taking a spread on half time you were locked out with a push or a loss with the -1 spread.

Look bad losses happen all the time, but I know when there is a little stink about a game that doesn't smell right.

That's a lot of facts for any naysayers to choke up and swallow