John Kelly

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Golden State -1.5/-2 depending on where you look.

Total is in neighborhood of 200/200.5/201 right now.

Dell Dude

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No matter what, the Pistons will never reach the Lions level. You could do a million Matrix simulations and not come up with another entertainment football team that wins only 1 playoff game in 65 years. Not unless you artificially tweak it. If Mike Utley doesn't break his fucking neck, 0 playoff wins. Thanks, Mike!

Dell Dude

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However, they may go winless for the 2nd time! Yes, that is right JK. 1 playoff win, 2 winless seasons.


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Disgraced NBA ref Tim Donaghy was the ref for the malice at the palace.

These days, there is nothing at the site of the palace. It is a vacant lot waiting to get redeveloped.

The marquee signs still exist and are operational to this day though!