Plays from a Totals Expert


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passing along plays from an acquaintance of mine....

LSU Over 129

Loyola Chicago Over 121

ST. Louis Over 115

Wash Under 156

Fairfield Under 140

Ott/Mont Under 5.5 (-1.40)

Atl Hawks Over 194

those were the numbers that i had to play them at... may have changed now... those are the only totals from the nba and nhl today but there will be a night time cbb card...

ill post it later today.... played them all to win 1 unit..

Re: Plays from a Totals Expert


With an "expert" friend like that 0 - 4 - 1 to start...I don't want to know your enemies!


Only joking but damn that's a BAD way to start the day...That'll ruin your weekend pretty quickly