Plays from "The Grinder" (day 1)


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been in this business since 1986, now too busy to do anything. getting my plays from a very good capper (not tout) and (not system).

i just wanted to list them and keep track of them... i wont read the thread, for reason of not wanting to get into any flaming war.. so PM me, if you have anything to say..

i started getting these plays on saturday night. they are (9-6) since then, wont count that, just wanted to state it...

i think this guy knows his stuff but often times, when plays are spotlighted they fall short..

tuesdays plays.

dodgers -1.5 (-1.15)
twins -1.5 (-1.10)
phillies ML (-1.20)
mets Over 9 (-1.20)

he said to expect about 120 plays per month.. i want to see if he can go (35-25) for the remainder of the month (15 days)...

back tomorrow..