Predict the FINAL NUMBER of confirmed Coronavirus cases/deaths in the U.S. (Predictions ONLY)

I see where Trump has made 6 death tally projections in the last 2 weeks.

His first projection was it was a hoax. Than he settled with 777. Thats where Dumb Dude & Railturd got their info from. After over 3 years they are too dumb to understand when Trumps lips are moving hes lying. 6 predictions in two weeks. The lastest being 100,000. Why doesn't Trump step aside and let lying Mike Pence do the job?
In the future, here are some criteria for taking or tying for the lead:

1. Abundy takes lead from JK with 1,537,501 or more cases.
2. jb777 takes lead from Abundy with more than 2,525,000 cases if there are more than 120,000 deaths.
3. Valuist shares lead from Abundy with less than 2,900,001 cases. Leads over jb777 if greater than 2,900,000 cases, but both need less than 105,000 deaths.
4. Valuist can't win if more than 105,000 deaths.

Other situations will depend on actual cases and deaths.
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The war is over. The war-time president, who once famously told his voters to injest disinfectants, is shutting down the CV task force.

Congratulations JK!
Hold the phone JK. The President doesn't know what he's doing. Now he says he is not disbanding the CV task force? Yesterday when he was asked why he was disbanding the task force his reply was "we can't keep the country closed for 5 years". What a great president? 😂


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Gotta do something to spice things up around here...

When he started this thread on March 17th there were 6357 cases and 121 deaths in the USA. Only about 7 weeks ago.
For over 3 years after Trump was elected in a rigged election by the minority, the majority of the country knew America was in trouble. Fast forward 3 and a quarter years later the illegitimate President is telling his voters to inject Clorox. On top of that he buried a 17 page CDC report. The CDC is non existent because Pinocchio his the science in his had. In 2018 Trump disbanded the offices of pandemic response. Thanks to Trump this pandemic has turned into the worst crisis ever in America. And many of us knew this would happen.
Dumb Dude there's 80,000 deaths. What was your strategy? Listening to Fox News, Donald Trump and Railturd? They don't care about America, a little advice, find some new sources. 777 😂 😂 😂.

P. S. VD, this embarrassing contest was 95% right wingers. Don't tell me you're a right winger?
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Big Runner, you seem awfully hung up on this contest. Where was your prediction? If it was that easy, certainly you would've made a call. Unless this is just more Monday morning quarterbacking, where hindsight is always 20/20.
I think we should be throwing stones and rocks at the Imperial College (UK) modeling which Bill Gates, as well as Fauci and Birx, touted. Their models suggested over one million US deaths and 500k deaths in the UK. One Imperial model had 2.2 million Americans dying from Covid-19. JB777 absolutely gonna crush them with his prediction. I knew H1N1 had about 12.5k deaths and figured this would be 4x worse. I underestimated, but compare that to the Gates/Fauci/Birx crowd. Maybe Jb777 should go into constructing pandemic models.