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Fuk Noem. She caved to the NCAA and the woke corporations. She also begged for refugees to come live in South Dakota.

She cried when Biden told her she could not shoot off fireworks on July 4th this year at Mt. Rushmore, instead of telling him to fuk himself and doing it anyway.

She is terrible! Worst governor in the history of the state! It is a National Memorial so Kristi has no authority over the firecracker show there.
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The mayor of Sioux Falls would like to see her ran over by a bus.
Sioux falls is the most liberal(perhaps the only liberal) city in the state, she'll be just fine without his love and support.

It took courage to reject hysteria last year when everyone was begging her to impose shutdowns that would accomplish nothing, even the gov of ND caved, i salute her.

Having said that I dont think she is the right candidate for president.