Quick and Easy book deposit?


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Lookin for a little help. Any suggestions on who i should join that has quick & easy deposit methods? Have a BetJam acct but they need copies of everything which is out, i have no scanner, nor the motivation to get off my ass and go to work just to the one there.

Could give the money to Bodog but i'd never see it again. Well, not this year atleast...

So, instead of doing the leg work, i come to you. Once again throwing myself on the mercy of those wiser than i.

Thanks in advance for your kindness.

Re: Quick and Easy book deposit?

Just about every book is gonna want copies of ID,ect if you plan to withdraw (especially if you plan on depositing via credit or debit card)

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Re: Quick and Easy book deposit?

Maybe a few more suggestions out there for this thread.......:cheers