Red lips are the most classic of the retro red lip makeup

o create the main points: red lips are the most classic retro vintage red lips, with a pale complexion and gray-black smoke makeup has a different kind of beauty. Must not forget to use lip pen to outline a rich lips, and then lipstick lipstick lipstick lipstick painted in the region, lipstick to choose matte pearl-free red.
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Rose red lips
For the crowd: all ladies
To create points: Rose is a symbol of love, rose is a symbol of romance, rose red lips most suitable for romantic love fantasy mm. Moist texture is still the focus of rose red lip makeup, if the lipstick itself can not try to moisturize a layer of transparent lip gloss to increase gloss.

Orange red lips
For the crowd: all ladies
To create points: orange red lips are more vibrant than the traditional red lips, young mm are the most suitable for bright orange. Red and yellow to reconcile the orange can not only comprehensive yellowish skin color, but also make partial white skin look more white. Orange red lips can use orange-red lipstick performance, can also use orange-red lip gloss, pearlescent or matte is a good choice, just pick one you like.