Santa Anita Sunday

will be around for another hour so thought I'd post some New Year's Day thoughts:

r3: Muny hits hard at this level, but 4/5? come on, that's just an invitation to find an alternative in here. none of these are toss outs, but i'm going to play #7 My Summer Slew. NOt a lot of early lick in here and I think 'slew will be closer to a softer pace today, which may get him the best trip in here. hard to win off an 11 month layoff, but the price is right for me.
Re: Santa Anita Sunday

right idea, just had the 2nd best horse as Macias aired after setting soft fractions. 'slew ran a good runner up race. muny well thumped 3rd at odds on.

r4: not enough to entice me to play.

r5: i give the recency edge to Rumor, but the talent edge to Saint Isabelle. I'm betting talent in what should be a 2 horse race.

r6: like speedy miss sea cup.

happy new year.