Shrink worth $4.7m according to one source

G911 written a few years ago.

This real life quack has made much more during his post-psychiatry career as a one time sports handicapper turned watchdog web site owner turned shrewd gambler. His net worth is believed to be around $4.7 million and this has the girls all flocking to him. Shrink did run but sold it for a cool $2.3 mil last year, though he appears to still be firmly in charge of running the sports betting web site. At age 46, The Shrink (Dr. Kenneth Weitzner) has cut down on his smoking, works out 5 times a week with a personal trainer, sports a much shorter haircut, and gets his back waxed once every month.

The Shrink's days in the dog house are over. Though all the ladies want him, he is now committed to his lovely wife Jackie. Today, even the dog lives like a king. The Shrink and his wife purchased a sprawling mansion near Virginia Beach two years ago. Shrink has three grown step children who each get a $3000 weekly allowance. The dog gets $1000 in Scooby Snacks.
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Soon to be worth less once we get all of our contests fired up

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2.3 mil pre tax dollars is not very much anymore.
Especially here in Jersey. :finger004 :finger004 :finger004

They have 9% tax on any sale over 500g on a business and a 3% escape
tax on any real estate here in Jersey. And that is the gross sale.
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Many are worth multi millions but it takes all of it to get
by nowadays along with the health care industry as you get older.

Cant wait till my kid graduates to leave this miserable state.

Oh yeah, did I mention the 15g property taxes as well. :rolleyes:
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I couldnt help it. You are smoking hot and I am just such a jealous person. :+textinb3


TYVM Morgan William!!!
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The one thing this article left out was the $3,000 a week Scarlett pays for the "Pool Boy" and "Gardener" to come around and "stay late" when Ken is away
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I lost it all to OSUCOWBOYS playing online poker...

Incidentally, he said as a nice gesture, he will sponsor our next bash...91023i2ndw;l

Thanks big guy...:party
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Money isnt everything OSU.

Its also the love and support you have my your side. :LMAO

And not to mention, I am sure Shrink will agree.

My wife always reminds me her famous 2 words.

FIFTY PERCENT :finger004