Sirius/Nfl question.

Will be travelling over the next 3 weeks and don't want to miss any Nfl action. My question is does Sirius broadcast all nfl games and is part of the regular sirius subscription? I have no idea about satellite radio so any help will be appreciated.:cheers


TYVM Morgan William!!!
Re: Sirius/Nfl question.

YES to all you asked

if you go to and look at the sked they tell you what channel the game will be on
Re: Sirius/Nfl question.

Neverbeen, you know anyone with Direct TV NFL Package? If they paid for the ultimate fan package or whatever the hell its called you have the option of watching the games on your computer but with a 5 minute delay but still very nice. I was on the road on a Sunday driving back from my ex gf's college and my buddy was driving and I was watching football in the passenger seat on my laptop! If you know anyone that has this I would talk to them if I was you and see if they will let you watch, you just need to get there id and password for direct tv