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EOG Addicted
As usual this time of year I'll be hanging at this book for most of the weekend. It helps that my home is less than a mile away, so its easy to go home for some rest and come back. Ant EOG'ers bouncing around I'd love to buy you a beverage. I'm 6'3 280 and still look like I could get a sack or 2 as a DE, which I was for the US Army football team in the early 80's. I'll have my SF Giants hat on, the only team I live and die with every baseball day. And have ever since my dad took my to see Willie Mays play CF when I was a young guy.
My father was a die hard Giants fan when they were in New York....he used to take me to Connie Mack Stadium in Philly when I was growing up....broke his heart when they moved to SF....Willie Mays was the best player I have ever seen....