SSI's New System


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Hello guys, here is my latest work. Follow this for no worse than 60% winners.

1. Louisville Under 53

2. Utah St Over 63

3. Syracuse +7

4. Minnesota -3

5. Clemson Over 47

play them all for 3 units (3% of your bankroll).... been working on this one for some time now. unleashing it to you at EOG only...

Long time no see, have a nice day.
Re: SSI's New System

Im am really starting to like the under in the louisville/pitt game but im horrible with totals.

Really like the cuse this week..



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Re: SSI's New System

NCAAF: 1-1 (-0.30 units)

saturdays plays

3. clem Over 47 (pending, posted yesterday)

4. minnesota -3

5. syracuse +7

6. kentucky +17

7. california +4

8. notredame -12

9. LSU +3.5

10. arkansas -1.5

11. vandy +10

that is my complete card for saturday and yes all are system plays.... im playing all for 3 units...

good luck


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Re: SSI's New System


Thomas Edison found 1000 ways the light bulb wouldnt work but only needed to find one way that it would work, to become rich.

just food for thought, bigdaddy...

if you think it will fail, simply follow along, we will see how it goes.


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Re: SSI's New System

Bigdaddy, make a note to check in later today, update the progress.. Ive been away for a while, holed up in my office, just waiting to emerge in October...