SSI's NHL System


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going to risk 1 unit on every ML Underdog that has equal too or more points scored than their opponent.

i may not post every play (ill try) but it will be easy to figure out the plays, i debated on whether to post this but i will anyway.

the season is only 2 days old and here is how the record stands thus far.

plays for thursday oct 1

1. washington (+1.19) winner
2. montreal (+1.02) winner
3. colorado (+1.62) winner
4. vancouver (+1.07) loss
record 3-1 (+2.83 units)

plays for friday oct 2

5. florida (+1.40) winner
6. stl (+1.46) winner
7. philadelphia (+1.04) winner
8. rangers (+1.52) loss
record 3-1 (+2.90 units)

Overall record for NHL: 6-2 (+5.73 units)

that record can be looked up at covers for verification.

plays for saturday oct 3

9. florida (+1.45)
10. colorado (+1.30)
11. blues (+1.55)
12. carolina (+1.65)
13. montreal (+1.27)
14. philly (+1.10)
15. ott (+1.10)
16. tampa (+1.05)
17. minn (+1.25)
18. nash (+1.15)
19. anaheim (+1.05)
20. phoenix (+1.25)

those were the lines listed at covers, always shop for the best lines....

if calgary moves to a dog later today, they would be a play....

keep an eye on this concept, if you choose to follow this, play small, no more than a 1 unit play on any, as the runs will be streaky.

and remember .500 will make you a lot of money this season.
Re: SSI's NHL System

record so far 12-8 +732 units

hey SSi, did you back track last year to see how it did? if not, I'll do it, cuz i'm interested in seeing the results


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Re: SSI's NHL System

the record you posted is correct: 12-8 (+7.32 units)

mondays plays were

21. rangers (+1.15) winner

22. columbus (+1.49) pending

remember its a play, if the dog has equal too or more points, than their opponents..

ill try and run that info down for you, i worked with this last season and knew that it was profitable....


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Re: SSI's NHL System

actually on monday it went: 2-0 (+2.64 units)

nhl system: 14-8 (+9.96 units)

several plays on tuesday but as the season moves on, the plays decrease in number.


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Re: SSI's NHL System

it can be frustrating... 4 OT losses and all 5 by one goal

14-13 (+4.96 units)

play on montreal for wed


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Re: SSI's NHL System

When you research your systems SSI, how do you find the relevant data?

I don't know how to find the information (for example finding the points in the middle of last year), I would imagine it is on some kind of data base somewhere right? I guess what I am asking you is how your research stats like that, that are occuring frequently and cumulatively. If there wasn't a database of some kind with that information then the user would have to count each game individually right? That sounds very time consuming, I wouldn't rule it out, but with technology today it seems like there can be a more efficient way of finding that type of information.

I was wondering because I would like to take more of a stat approach to capping but would like to get started off on the right foot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.