SSI's System Plays (2008)


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going to separate the systems plays from the Handicapped plays..

here is exactly what ive personally played this season, for the system plays, all have been posted here, in various different threads..

System Play 2008: 101-2-1 (-1.20 units) (2 pending)

Runline Chase: 22-2 (-79.00 units) (discontinued) i cant in good faith, continue to chase my losses with this method. I have been hammered with this one, on the season. Today i would be faced, risking another (36 units) ($1800) on the play. I am going to use my better judegement and discontinue this sytem for 2008.

O/U Chase: 49-0-1 (+47.80 units) (362-1 run) (1 pending)
chase 51 (marlins Under) was halted with a (-1.20 unit loss), as the Marlins went Under the total last night, in a game with the Phils.

Action Chase: 30-0 (+30.00 units) (2008 record) (1 pending)

Plays for wednesday June 11

Chase 49
d) phils Over 8.5 (-1.20) betjam

Chase 52
a) whitesox Under 9 (-1.10) betjam

Action Chase 31
b) reds Over 9 (-1.20) betjam

there it is, good luck with your wagers today.


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Re: SSI's System Plays (2008)

Systems Plays 2008: 103-2-1 (+0.80 units) (1 pending)

Runline Chase: 22-2 (-79.00 units) (closed for season)
if someone had the time and effort, they could see that if the cubs win tonight, this system will actually move to 129-0, this includes all of the 2007 season and this season. Too bad that i made a mess of it. the plays can be looked up at covers for both seasons, if anyone wanted to look this info up.

O/U Chase: 50-0-1 (+48.80 units) (1 pending)

Action Chase: 31-0 (+31.00 units) (0 pending)

ill list the plays for thursday, sometime thursday morning..


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Re: SSI's System Plays (2008)

chase 49
e) phils Over (right now the line is 10) but im going to wait until later today, hoping we may see some (9.5's) out there, if not, ill grabe the 10, later..

action chase 32
a) reds Over 9.5 (+1.00)

thats it for thursday...


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Re: SSI's System Plays (2008)

another tough night, as the system plays continue the struggle..

fridays plays..

chase 49
f) phillies Over (no line up, as there is a pitching change for the cards)

action chase 32
b) reds Over 9 (-1.15)

ill update this thread later today or tonight sometime...


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Re: SSI's System Plays (2008)

yeah, i held out and had Over 9 (-1.25).. glad it got there...

systems for 2008: 104-2-1 (+1.80 units) (1 pending)

runline chase: 22-2 (-79.00 units) (stopped for season)
the actual record for this chase is (129-1) (+63 units)
this can be looked up at covers.... simply start with the first game of the 2007 season and look at the biggest favorite each day, see if they won by 2 runs or more, then see if this lost 6 plays in a row... using only 1 play per day... the real record is (129-1), the loss came this year...

O/U Chase: 51-0-1 (+49.80 units) (364-1 since the 2005 season ended)
nothing pending... the 1 this season was a (-1.20 unit) format, when we had 2 chase systems to cross..

action chase: 31-0 (+31.00 units) (1 pending)

these chase systems will work but they can frustrate the crap out of you. i really think if a person played ultra small, with a pretty big bankroll, they could make some good money with them..

ill chug along, back on saturday..