Team Wilson - chime in here

Team Wilson,

I may not be the most motivational speaker, and we may be the bottom 5 cappers on the site, but lets show these bitches that we can still bring it. We are running out of time, but we have our shitty ass team set! Most of the other forums can not even do that. At least we have come up with a shitty ass team which is for sure to produce shitty ass picks, but at least we got a team together. TEAM WILSON, BIAAATCHES!!

Lets show that our picks are worthless, lets show that we cannot cap for shit, lets show that we are in it to lose it and we do not belong.

Lets make the worst picks ever and show the crowd that we never belonged to be on an official team.

Lets just do it just to do it. (I think that line might not be original. I think I heard it on an Eminem CD)

But whatever, Lets do it just to do it!!

All Team Wilson plays will be posted here, same rules as the rest.

Holy shit, what am I going to do with 10,000 units? I have never had that many units in my life. 10,000? Holy crap!

Lets go crazy,

Mr Cannon
Mr Wilson
Mr Brickshithouse
Mr Passtherock (Thats me, bitches)
Mr Crazytrain

Lets do it just to do it!

Mods, please do not place this thread in the asylum, We're just gona do it just to do it.

I hope that you other 4 bitches was 4 realz!

Lets do it just to do it. :cheers
Re: Team Wilson - chime in here

Fvck yes I will kick major ass in this contest. What is our next move guys. I was 0-6 in bases todayI will fade myself and be a champion.


EOG Dedicated
Re: Team Wilson - chime in here

team Wilson will rock this contest, i will contact Carl Spackler Sports to see if they will sponsor us.
Re: Team Wilson - chime in here

Yeah, GET US SOME T SHIRTS WILSON!!! Lets do this just to do this. Gettin pumped already. :+excited- Get some RX, Get some EOG, Get some Carlspackler sports...we are in his to do this, and nothing will stop us....except putting us in the asylum.2348ji23e