"the California region where masks are taboo – and cases are rising"


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I think you post a lot of strawman & erroneous assumptions from your make believe fantasy world & still have this hanging over your head:

You don't understand. The most important part of a Punkeyforker post is the hard hitting, razor sharp putdown at the end. The rest is just him blowing himself as some kind of tiny guy defense mechanism, not really intended for you to dissect. Most of it is just extremely low IQ pretzel logic which easily strays from any rhyme or reason. Conceptual semantics with no possible inference.

Just read the baby LA LA shit at the end and try your very best to get on with your day after you bust a gut laughing. The kid posts for one reason. Self loathing and insecurity. If you saw a pic you'd understand.


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There is one judge of my financial acumen.

It ain't some lonely kid begging for cred in a chitty room. My bank account balance offers the only opinion that matters. None of your hysterics, bitching and moaning gonna change that

Your credentials to me are:

Spent last 15 years behind keyboard squabbling like bitch on internet, day in day out. With people you have never and will never meet. In a daily pursuit of some sort of validation for your rather mundane existence. From people whose lives you haven't affected at all and never will.

When I speak to my FA next I'm not gonna get some pissy bitch lecture on who's/whose , the 873rd recital of his job history or a desperate google search of some completely unrelated crap that only makes sense to someone else who counts ceiling fan oscillations for two weeks straight.
I’ve met MF in Vegas.


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You don't understand. The most important part of a Punkeyforker post is the hard hitting, razor sharp putdown at the end. The rest is just him blowing himself as some kind of tiny guy defense mechanism, not really intended for you to dissect. Most of it is just extremely low IQ pretzel logic which easily strays from any rhyme or reason. Conceptual semantics with no possible inference.

Just read the baby LA LA shit at the end and try your very best to get on with your day after you bust a gut laughing. The kid posts for one reason. Self loathing and insecurity. If you saw a pic you'd understand.

You're projecting again, fatty.
No relationship between mask wearing and lower deaths. NONE.

View attachment 7464276

"Specifically, the researchers found that during the first two weeks after states implemented the mask mandates, there was a 2.1 percentage-point decline in reported weekly Covid-19 hospitalization growth rates among adults ages 18 to 39, as well as a 2.9 percentage-point drop among adults ages 40 to 64. At three weeks after implementation, reported weekly Covid-19 hospitalization growth rates dropped by 5.5 percentage points among people ages 18 to 39 and among those ages 40 to 64, the researchers wrote."

"Average mask use across the United States has been declining since mid-February. Meanwhile, infection rates in some places have increased."

"...Around the same time that New Hampshire rescinded its rule, for example, COVID-19 cases in India began to surge. Strict mask mandates there had reined in the country’s first wave of infections last September.

"...“Wearing masks should probably be one of the last things we stop doing,” says Hoen, adding that she hopes no other countries are looking to the United States for guidance.

"The case for mask mandates was made relatively early in the pandemic. On 6 April 2020, the city of Jena, Germany, became one of the first communities in the world to require people to wear masks in public. Thomas Nitzsche, the town’s mayor, says he was sleepless for two nights before the policy went into effect. “I didn’t know if the public would comply,” he says. “Luckily, they did.”

"Researchers estimate that new cases in the city, home to around 110,000 people, dropped by about 75% during the 20 days after the rule was brought in3.

"But it wasn’t as simple as flipping a switch one day and then reaping the rewards. Evidence is building that, although a mandate can be a powerful measure, effective messaging and role models are crucial for public uptake.

"... Meanwhile, mask policies in most of the surrounding state of Thuringia and elsewhere in Germany lagged behind. There, officials generally adopted mandates only after case counts surged. Although there were no new COVID-19 cases in Jena five days after implementation of the mask mandate, for example, the virus continued to spread in nearby Erfurt, the state capital, and slowed only after a mask requirement was imposed, according to a preprint study4 by public-health leaders in Jena.

"It was a similar story around the globe, with a few exceptions. China and other Asian nations quickly adopted mask policies that probably prevented large-scale spread of the disease. Nitzsche says he was personally inspired by the Czech Republic, which began requiring masks in certain public places in mid-March 2020.

"...He and his colleagues used data from 401 regions in Germany to estimate the effect of mask mandates on SARS-CoV-2 transmission3. They took advantage of the regional variation to create artificial controls, and then estimated what would have happened had the intervention not been implemented. His team’s conclusion: requiring people to wear face masks decreases the daily growth rate of reported COVID-19 cases by more than 40%. The economists’ approach was “clever”, says Hoen. “This adds to the body of evidence that masks work.”

"In a similar study in the United States, published this January5, researchers found that a national mandate for employees to wear face masks early in the pandemic could have reduced the weekly growth rate of cases and deaths by more than 10 percentage points in late April 2020. The study suggests that this could have reduced deaths by as much as 47% (or by nearly 50,000) across the country by the end of May last year. Another preprint, published in October, linked mask mandates with a 20–22% weekly reduction in COVID-19 cases in Canada6.

"... The mandates do have an effect, “but when we looked at it, it was really the behaviour of the population that was a better metric”, says John Brownstein, an epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, and a co-author of the study. “There’s a difference between government policy and community buy-in.”

"The research builds on evidence from hundreds of observational and laboratory studies, which find that masks protect both the wearer and the people around them. Masks can block viral particles that hitch rides on droplets and aerosols. And a study from the US National Institutes of Health, published this February, further suggests that the humidity that builds up inside a mask could help to bolster the lungs’ defences against pathogens8.

"Although it’s unlikely that the United States and other Western nations will adopt the same level of mask use beyond this pandemic, van der Westhuizen anticipates it will become much more common and acceptable than before. “It’s truly remarkable how widespread this new habit has become,” she says. “We have gained a valuable preventative tool.”

"She is referring to more than COVID-19 and its variants, or even influenza. Tuberculosis, for example, has been a leading cause of death in South Africa and a long-time focus of her research. Although data show that masks could help to control the spread of that disease, social norms and stigma have impeded their adoption14. When initial COVID-19 guidelines suggested only people with symptoms needed to wear masks, she says, her thoughts immediately went to tuberculosis, for which public-health officials have made similar concessions. Thankfully, mask recommendations evolved. “The pandemic has broken that previous stigma,” says van der Westhuizen.

"Hassig is reminded of other public-health interventions. The use of vehicle seat belts first arrived in the United States and United Kingdom as a recommendation, then became a law, for instance. Eventually, police began fining those who were non-compliant, and buckling up became the norm. “Very rarely does a public-health intervention wind up being widely accepted without some kind of enforcement mechanism,” says Hassig, who still wears a mask despite being fully vaccinated, in part to encourage mask wearing."

"Hong Kong was relatively unscathed by the first wave of the COVID-19 outbreak and had a flatter epidemic curve than most other places, which observers consider remarkable given its status as an international transport hub. Furthermore, its proximity to China and its millions of mainland visitors annually would make it vulnerable.[2] Some experts now believe the habit of wearing masks in public since the SARS epidemic of 2003 may have helped keep its confirmed infections at 845, with four deaths, by the beginning of April.[2] In a study published in April 2020 in the Lancet, the authors expressed their belief that border restrictions, quarantine and isolation, social distancing, and behavioural changes such as wearing masks likely all played a part in the containment of the disease up to the end of March.[3] Others attributed the success to critical thinking of citizens who have become accustomed to distrusting the competence and political motivations of the government, the World Health Organization, and the Chinese Communist Party.[4] "
Name one place where there wasn't a mask mandate where cases rose faster than India.

What would be the point. Recent infection numbers rising in India is probably because of a number of factors i've already listed, including more infectious VOC, high density populations, covidiocy rising, irresponsible lifting of restrictions after things improved as a result of the restrictions, low numbers vaccinated, etc. If it weren't for masks, things would be even worse.

What has often happened during the pandemic is when infections rose extreme safety measures were recommended or mandated to stop the rising wave of infections. In many cases that included masks. If the wave of infections continued rising for a time after a mask mandate, that was not because masks are not effective, but because the powerful unstoppable wave was already in motion. Without the mask mandate the wave would have been even worse.

Likewise a powerful unstoppable storm may be coming to a Florida beach area. Putting up some protection on your dwelling will often spare it some damage. Without that protection the storm damage is more likely to be even worse.

This post above & below explains why graphs being posted by covidiots with infection numbers & mask mandates are worthless as regards the question of the efficacy of masks in reducing infection numbers & hospitalizations and deaths from covid19.


"If you think that & your graphs provide any proof re whether or not masks work to save lives, then you are a clueless ignorant covidiot. But why else would you post them without any comment except a silly laughing icon. In so doing it just suggests you are a silly ignoramous.

As i have stated repeatedly before, infection numbers vary & are a result of many different factors, such as numbers tested, population density, individual immune systems, irresponsible covidiocy numbers, mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns, numbers in poorly ventilated areas, the type of virus (VOC) circulating, numbers vaccinated, numbers recovered from infection with antibodies & other factors.

So you can't just look at one factor, e.g. alleged mask usage, & draw any valid conclusions based on infection numbers as to whether or not masks save lives."
Willie99;13499239 said:
The CDC's long standing position, until last year, was that masks do not prevent you from getting a virus.


That must be why health care workers have been wearing them since the cave man, eh. It must be they wear them just for show, like a hallowe'en costume. LOL.

"Influenza viruses circulate around the world every year. From time to time new strains emerge and cause global pandemics. Many national and international health agencies recommended the use of face masks during the 2009 influenza A (H1N1) pandemic. We reviewed the English-language literature on this subject to inform public health preparedness. There is some evidence to support the wearing of masks or respirators during illness to protect others, and public health emphasis on mask wearing during illness may help to reduce influenza virus transmission. There are fewer data to support the use of masks or respirators to prevent becoming infected. Further studies in controlled settings and studies of natural infections in healthcare and community settings are required to better define the effectiveness of face masks and respirators in preventing influenza virus transmission." https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20092668/

CDC "Interim Recommendations for Facemask and Respirator Use to Reduce 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Transmission"

"...Facemasks1 should be considered for use by individuals who enter crowded settings, both to protect their nose and mouth from other people's coughs and to reduce the wearers' likelihood of coughing on others; the time spent in crowded settings should be as short as possible.


Willie99;13499239 said:
They do not protect healthy people, the virus can enter through your eyes (as well as a porous mask)

Sure, healthy health care workers wear them only because they're all so ugly. LOL. They actually "do not protect healthy people" from viruses entering via their noses & mouths. LOL.

Yes, the virus can "enter through your eyes", but, like entering through your ass hole, that is considered to be much lower risk than entering through one's nose or mouth. Furthermore many people wear glasses, contact lenses, shields, etc, and regularly blink, which provides a degree of protection to the eyes.

Willie99;13499239 said:
It appears this debate is behind us (thanks to time AND the vaccine )

Hardly. Just look at India, Brazil, etc. Even the USA unvaccinated are still recommended to wear masks. Even the vaccinated are to wear them in certain situations.
Here are articles with some of the evidence in support of masks saving lives:

"Scientific Brief: Community Use of Cloth Masks to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2


"An evidence review of face masks against COVID-19

...We recommend that public officials and governments strongly encourage the use of widespread face masks in public...

"Face Masks Against COVID-19: An Evidence Review":



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Can you imagine being so dumb that you actually spend time in your life searching for GIFs of fat dudes puking because you know that's your best shot at winning an argument?

If we are standing naked in a change room... within peeing distance... and pee in your direction... you will get pee'n on

If however, you were wearing underwear... well, underwear does not prevent a person from getting g pee'd on, so you would still get pee'd on.

But... and this is big... if I were wearing underwear and pee'd towards you, well, it would not prevent the pee... but it it significantly reduce your risk of being pee'd on. It is not guarantee... but common sense tells us it would mostly run down my legs.

That's how masks work. They simply prevent infected people from spitting as the breath.... thereby reducing the risk. Not stopping it.

There is a reason I cover my mouth when I cough... it prevents spread... does not stop germs from escaping.

However... I am one of the few people here who does not think you're an idiot... and I know you already knew this. Just like you know the virus has not attached itself to the oxygen molecules in the air... it's our droplets. Again... you knew that. Why you continue to build straw men I can't say for sure, but I have a pretty good idea.

(The strawman arguement: Constructing a false narrative to attack, to show you are right)

Wow. You people are really that stupid that you think air and liquid behave the same.

Holy fuck.

He's talking about liquids. Obviously masks block spittle. I've felt the spittle hit my face when in conversations with people. Seen it too. So it's just common sense that masks work.


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You go figure ya goofy little fukk I don't recall asking your fukkin take on anything of late.

Or ever.

Nice comeback, dipshit.

Stop quoting my posts or responding to them then, you stupid fuck.

Is this forum shit that tough for you comprehend? Well, nevermind. For someone who doesn't know the difference between liquid and air, I'm sure it is.