The casino finally gave me back a few dollars online!

guys finally after getting beat up online with bj ,I went to the well again and played small and won 525.oo from one of the casino on here advertised .They have beaten me up for a while and for the last 3 of 4 sessions I have got some money back and closed the casino for good and will add this to my sportsbook amount and hopefully run it up a little to feel much better than I did 6 months ago........Will follow some picks here besides mine and see if I could win back the 20,000 grand lost over a year ..thanks guys for all the info and picks here. This is the best site and guys are great here.
Sam thanks ,I did ,I found out I could and just do sportsbetting from here on out. Didnt know you get shut them out on sportsbook. I dont bet with casino only sites ,thanks.


All I do is trytrytry
take is slow slow slow.. wager no more than 1.5% of your bankroll even on these top chasing, dont think of $20,000 grand at all. you have exactly today what you have, no more no less. your goal should be a 5% ROI...when I feel like chasing I saw three three three times "life is long, Ive got a long time to get my accounts higher" if I lose it by chasing I cant gamble anymore during that long life....that will slow you down
Thanks try ,or trytrytry . great name we all try right. what made you use try 3 times there a story with it ,would like to know thanks.. yes i,m betting smaller since the last 2 weeks.
matrix1429, I enjoy playing small stakes BJ online but found i did it only out of boredom and/or needing action, two wrong reasons to gamble. I will do my best to never play online again:cheers


All I do is trytrytry
trytrytry said:
trytrytry was just an easy to think of and an easy to type screen name when I got posting at the t,r and y keys are all close to each other. I always like the motto try try try again.

Sort of wanted somthing and a theme or motto. The triple typing is nice for humor or emphasis and gives me my "unique" forum personality. Lots of characters on these forums.

best of luck on your approach.

i have certain nicknames now like TTT or try cubed or t^3 stuff like that gives me a chuckle chuckle chuckle. so some sort of like it as well.

I was playing in an EOG poker tourney one time full table, big pot, I was in position after some checks to go for a big bluff and steal this pot as rags havd flopped and I was in the small blind. I was thinking...sombody types in cant steal this one..................then Shrink types in ....he can try trytry...............its fun.... (I lost the hand by going all in and JJ gold calling me and winning!)