The UP and Coming Computer Program


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Since May 11 (posted in your MLB room)

30-18 (+22.40 units) (+$2240)

63% winners

-1.05 avg Juice Laid

2 units per play only (2% of bankroll)

Program was finally able to reach its finished product on May 11, when the decision to go only with the best plays was made....

the profits are proving it daily, catch the plays in your MLB room, here at EOG...



EOG Dedicated
Re: The UP and Coming Computer Program

I won't be around much today but i did want to give you a few tidbits of information that ive obtained from the computer program that i am currently running..

Game 1 NBA Finals: Lean to Dallas +4.5 (I will not be making a bet on this tonight personally but thats the way the program leaned)

Series Price should be: Miami (-1.30), therefore Value bettors should have been on Dallas +1.80 or thereabouts a few days ago.

Series Bet on NHL Finals: (Vancouver -2.00) this is pretty strong Program play and i will be betting it...

2 NCAA College Baseball Region Plays:

South Carolina (-3.00) to win Columbia region

Arkansas (+2.50) to win Tempe region

just wanted to leave you with these, have a nice day and month of June..