Time for my Thursday Free Roll

$1k free roll.
This time instead of giving out free percentages, I am asking a matching donation of my winnings to a charity of your choice to help with disaster relief.
Maximum of $200, minimum is like $5.
It will be on the honor system, but would appreciate any support.

Last week, I finished 6th or 7th for $40. If 10 people would match, it wouldn't be tremendous but better than nothing.

Who's in?
I need to boost up my tax deductible charity donations this year so why not. I'm in for the Red Cross. I win and they win. Now it's up to you Doberman...
Was just getting buried, down to about half my chips, when I pick up AK suited in small blind. Long story short, I capture the nut flush on turn and double up.

Still 52 players left, I'm in 18th.
Just got lucky BIG TIME, all in preflop I have QQ and he has AA. Nothing until I spike a Q on the river. Now 4th in chips.

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
Down to 30 players, I have AA, other guy has Aq, one q on flop. He rivers q, I guess what comes around goes around. Went from top 10 to short stack in no time.
At the break now, 28 left, I'm in 16th. Could have been sent packing or could be in the top 5 if not for the poker gods.:+clueless
Just butted heads with chip leader, scary board of 66T. I push with AQ suited and he calls with KJ.

I survive, and 15 left now, I am 5th in chips.
Finished 5th, had A6suited, but was short stacked, guy puts me all in with QT off. Ten on flop, no help.

5th place $80 cash in charity free roll.:cheeleade
Doberman your pretty good at Poker

You should try and do this for a living.

You alwsys seem to be right there in the tourneys.

Good Job


EOG Senior Member
Gold you put 60 dimes in action tonight right? 80 bucks is nothing to you then. You should of been the first person in this thread to offer to help.
I never Kracker play but he sure talks a good game.

I would go heads up with Kracker for 5k in person though and not in Phila

Doberman I am asking around what you do for a living and no one is talking

They change subject
Feeling frisky this morning JJ?

Perhaps you would, perhaps not. We'd have to put it on pay-per-view and I'd demand an appearance fee, though.