Toodles, EOG

I'm off to cruise the Western Carribean for the next 7 days. I hope you all have a lovely week - don't miss me too much! :+waving-2


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Enjoy SG. So if Mo is missing shall we alert the coast guard and have them check your baggage?
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Have fun SG! I wish I could go. I am small I could probably fit in a suitcase. LOL!
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SG, hope you have a great vacation! I'm gonna send you a PM about a cruise that we are considering for the honeymoon. I need some opinions. Its 2 weeks and that seems like a LONG time at sea.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.:+anxious-
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Now all of us have to deal with mofome without you? :+clueless

Hurry back but have a great time...:cheers

You will surely be missed....



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Wow this is my first time hearing about this.. Have a great trip SG, I'm actually going to miss having you around..
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I'm baaaaaack!
Thanks for all the kind wishes - I had a safe and wonderful trip!

Hope everyone had a great week!! :cheers
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Welcome back Sportsgirl...:cheers

It was different without you here...

mofome was just not completely himself...

Glad u had fun!!!!

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Thanks, guys!

The cruise was really wonderful. First stop -Cozumel. Went out on a sail boat and got dropped on a reef to snorkel. Not the best snorkeling in the world, but the water was blue and warm :) Then we got taken to a private beach to hang out for awhile. I met a really nice group of girls from Louisville, KY and wish you guys were there :devil: One of them was a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals - being a Steeler fan, it took me 6 beers to forgive her. This is her:

After partying the day away with this group ...hey, after that picture, are you guys even listening anymore???