Trojan fans are excited about Riley


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You never see a 4-8 team favored to win their conference next season (2/1), not to mention the heaviest action to win it all. (opened 80/1, now 20/1).

A ton of hype, but sometimes too many cooks (transfers) does spoil the soup.
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worst 12 month span for pac 12, they had horrible showings in football, basketball and baseball. ive talked about the decline on black population but i think a decline of white population is also a factor, we are being invaded by asians and hispanics


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Their offense has top 5 in every skill position.

But you don't just plug in lineman on each side of
the ball and make it work for a season.

Riley will get there but 2/1 to win PAC-12...definitely
a public perception send out.


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Riley should stick with Moss next season. People forget he was #1 at SC in spring ball ahead of Caleb, prior to his Heisman year.

You know the rest....

I guess the KSU kid has not committed to SC as previously reported.

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Several of Moss’s passes have been short or behind WR’s. WR’s have made some good catches to bail him out. Plus the terrible int at the goal line. Moss is not the answer…