Trump 2012 "You'll hope the Mayans were right"

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TRUMP: Somebody said, what would be your theory or what would you do in terms of Libya? I'd do one thing. Either I'd go in and take the oil or I don't go in at all. We can't be the policeman for the world.
CROWLEY: You'd just take their oil?
TRUMP: Absolutely. I'd take the oil. I'd give them plenty so they can live very happily. I would take the oil. You know, in the old days, Candy ?
CROWLEY: Well, wait, we can't go ?
TRUMP: - Candy, Candy, in the old days, when you have a war and you win, that nation is yours.

?I'm a much bigger business man and have (a) much, much bigger net worth. I mean, my net worth is many, many, many times Mitt Romney,? Trump told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley Sunday. ?I built a very big net worth and I?d like to put that ability ? to work for this country.?

The Republican debates will be amazing.I always felt like the U.S. needed more states, 50 just isnt enough.
Re: Trump 2012 "You'll hope the Mayans were right"

"Look, he was born 'Barry Soetero.' Somewhere along the line, he changed his name," said Trump -- referring to the surname of Obama's mother's second husband, Lolo Soetoro, whom she married four years after Obama was born. "I heard he had terrible marks, and he ends up in Harvard. He wrote a book that was better than Ernest Hemingway, but the second book was written by an average person."

"You suspect Bill Ayers?" said Hannity.

"I said, Bill Ayers wrote the book," Trump replied.

Trump also added during the discussion: "He was best friends with Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers was a super-genius. And a lot of people have said he wrote the book. Well recently, as you know last week, Bill Ayers came out and said he did write the book."

No sane person could believe any of this. The president was born Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., not Barry Soetero. He wasn't best friends with Bill Ayers, Bill Ayers was never a super-genius, and when Ayers said he wrote Obama's first book, he was being sarcastic, messing with the deranged right.

No one smart enough to tie their own shoes could actually believe what Trump told Hannity, which reinforces the suspicion that this is, once again, just an elaborate joke.

What's more, yesterday Trump talked to TPM, and blasted House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) for dismissing Trump's candidacy earlier this week. Trump said yesterday, "I think it's a very bad thing for Cantor to have done, because I'll tell you, people love this issue especially in the Republican Party."

When TPM pressed on whether he's actually hired investigators to dig up dirt on the president in Hawaii, Trump cut off the interview.

I have a hard time believing anyone is this stupid unless they're trying to be stupid.
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I actually expect him to build a solid base of support on the back of his idiotic birther conspiraracy theories, then when he loses the primary, run as a third party candidate and basically hand the election to obama on a silver platter. He doesn't care whether the democrats win or the republicans win. He just wants to try to win, or atleast run and increase his sphere of influence.


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Re: Trump 2012 "You'll hope the Mayans were right"

He is a Birther, enough said.These whacked out nut jobs are beyond deranged.He will draw well with the weird Birthers but thank God they are few and harmless, just good entertainment.
Re: Trump 2012 "You'll hope the Mayans were right"

Dude is the Charlie Sheen of politics now.

Don't know what's more embarrassing, Trump or the people that follow his every word as if it's the truth.

Who is the bigger fool... the fool or the fool who follows him?