Tempted to bet Daniel Rodriguez here. Price down to -123. Cleaner striker but leaves his chin available. Perry could end the night quick. I think someone gets KOd here
Alright Nina is up. On the feet Nina is drastically better than Dern. Nina is a cardio machine with outstanding anti grappling footwork. Dern's wrestling is decent at best. Somehow manages to sneak in chokes without being able to take people down conventionally. I have a hard time seeing Dern getting a hold of Nina to attempt any decent shots. Expecting Nina to pepper her face for 15 minutes.
Yusuff and Allen is what I predict to be fight of the night and the fight im most interested in tonight. Two incredibly talented prospects. I just think Yusuff is too powerful. His chin is granite and his power is incredibly elite for the division. With his skillset youd expect him to fight like a meathead but his counters and defensive striking are actually quite good. Yusuff also has fought and been successful vs much better competition than Arnold has faced thus far
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Small loss. Wish we got Nina

[42-36] +21.21
3* [7-4] +9.47


3*Nina Ansaroff -110 L Closing Line: -130
2*Joe Solecki -190 W Closing Line: -240
2*Mateusz Gamrot -175 W Closing Line: -240
1*Sodiq Yusuff -145 L Closing Line: -150
1*Hunter Azure +125 L Closing Line: +160
1*Over 2.5 Rounds Marvin Vettori/Kevin Holland -135 W Closing Line: -135
1*Under 2.5 Rounds Mike Perry/Daniel Rodriguez +117 L Closing Line: +115