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5 month gap and this -265 idea?? whats going on here
If I win the wager I win 4.725 units...the five month gap...I just decided, at the time, I just did not like betting on these fantasy wagers. Now that I have won a larger bankroll (I won serious money coming in third in the 25th Annual National Underground World Championship of Professional Gamblers) I figured, what the hell, I'll give it a try, again. That really is all that is going on here!

I realize that my betting style is unconventional but it has served me well with my Pro picks which I almost never post here because of an agreement with a nationally syndicated sports wire that publishes my Pro picks and my paying customers. I simply post picks here that do not "make the cut" as one of my Pro picks . BUT the pick in question here is a Pro pick. I have no restrictions with the nationally syndicated sports wire and my paying customers with fantasy picks . I do not charge for these fantasy picks because there is to much left to chance with fantasy picks or whatever you want to call them. I never send them to the nationally syndicated sports wire. If you do not like the wager, just pass. I wish you much success with all of your wagers.

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Arizona Diamondbacks (Kevin Gausman) vs Milwaukee Brewers (Brett Anderson)
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Arizona Diamondbacks (Kevin Gausman)

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